Chronic pelvic pain on lower left side since hysterectomy in 2004. Only diagnosis is severe IBS. Pain is severe and getting worse. Pain meds don't really help much. Zofran helps me some so I don't throw up. Work is difficult and I miss a lot of work. Monday I had pelvic ultrasound and pain has worsened. Doctor now says possible nerve damage from the hysterectomy. What do I do now?

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  • HI There, sounds like nerve damage.The pain can be excruciating if not on any meds. I had a prolapse repair back in 2012 and ever since I suffered with terrible pain that continued on beyond the 3months hence chronic pain. I was prescribed pregabalin and amitriptyline in 2013 eventually after being told that tramadol and slow release morphine amongst everything else I was prescribed were not the right meds for this kind of pain. I have been on this combination ever since and at least I have a quality of life again. will be on these for life as nerve damage of this kind never heels so I am told. Hope this helps

  • you need to get a proper diagnosis, if you are in the uk i suggest you go to your gp and see if he can refer you to a consultant for this, maybe a gynae to start with or a neurologist


  • also should have said get some proper pain relief whilst you are waiting


  • I am in oregon. Pain meds don't work well but better than nothing at all. I have am appt. with on/gyn in October. Waiting is difficult. Thanks for the support

  • what meds are you on, maybe it would be better to try something different

  • Oxycontin

  • Nerve damage? Which nerve???

  • I don't know..doc just told me possible nerve damage from hysterectomy surgery..what should I ask him?

  • Pudendal nerve damage is what I have and it can heal. Just takes time. We only need positive vibes on this venue. We all can do this together. I am on meds. I do exercise. I meditate. I don't do stretches. Things are getting better. I try not to sit for long periods. I also had a hypertonic floor but it has gotten better. My life is tolerable but not where I want to be but will get there.

  • What is pudendal nerve damage?

  • Damage to the pudendal nerve. Pain is when sitting. It is a burning pain as well as plain old pain.

  • Need Positive vibes and support and information about treatments, medicines, doctors.

  • Lyrica


    Valium suppositories