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Pelvic, leg and lower back pain

Somebody please give me a answer.

I'm just on 21. Have had five endo surgeries and my apendix out in the last three years.

Yet I still get this sharp stabbing pain in my lower back and pelvic area and a sharp stabbing in my right leg that then turns to numbness when it gets really bad and I can hardly walk on it.

I've taken so many pain killers and medications and nothing works.

I can't sleep. Sometimes it craps up so bad I can't drive.

Any answers please :(

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This is a lot of surgeries in ashort time. It could be due to scarring/adhesions and or nerve related. Is the pain linked to your cycle or not ? I guess you've tried amitriptyline, if so what dose ? this usually helps with sleep issues and persistent pain.


Could be sciatica. I have Endo and get these pains. It sometimes happens that Endo can irritate the sciatic nerve.


I've been told that the pudenal and sciatic nerves run together and all nerves in the body communicate so I have horrible referred pain from my pelvis into my left side lower back and down the back of my left leg. A lot of walking and stretching helps. Talk to your doctor about tricyclic antidepressants and muscle relaxers like flexeril and if seeing a physio might help you.


Hello,first stop the drugs,then find a qualified pelvic pain specialist! You sound like me in 2007 .all my drs.thought I had back problems,but,no pain killer helped.My condition ,after 3 years of lying flat,was Levator ani syndrome from pudendal nerve entrapment.You are blessed now that so much info is available!we and my two highly skilled drs.searched for those3 years.This does get worse.Start searching the sites for pudendal entrapment and get there fast! JudyR


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