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Hi Group

Found this site yesterday, look forward to some new perspectives on what the medical community has been unable to help me resolve.

So here goes!

-six month history of relentless pubic bone pain [along with crawly feeling in vulva]

-pain under lower L rib, sometimes both

-travels from ribs down lateral L abdomen, over hip to pubic bone. Sometimes midline, can be R side but mainy left

--have had every scan, ultrasound, X-ray, workup....all show nothing localized in pubic bone, pelvis or abdomen

-7 month history of Vag infections, endometritis, PID, bladder infections. All gyne issues are new to me.

Since then [March 2013]

-Have had chiropractic manipulations to "reseat" pubic bone, work on trochanters.

-Physio to realign SI joint L side

-Intravaginal pelvic floor release without improvement of tightness or pubic pain

-Osteopath corrected severely misaligned L1, made diagnosis of Ilioinguinal nerve compression

-Two recent MRI's show large extruded disc at L1-L2, probably from injury two years ago. Inflammation but no compression of nerves, indentation of Thecal sac

-multi year history of pain/numbness in left leg, mostly lateral thigh and classic sciatica symptoms

-new sensory changes to lower legs and soles of both feet

Any suggestions on how to get on top of this grinding pain?

One consulting Orthopedic surgeon suggests diagnostic nerve blocks but seems unwilling to facilitate getting it done [he's in another province], the second surgeon seems to think it would not be of benefit. Feels like my Family GP and I are running with scissors here!

This weekend I researched Thoracolumbar dysfunction and this really fits with my picture of groin pain and lower leg sensory changes.

I wonder why they don't include the thoracic system on MRI's?

Anyway folks, any comments, suggestions or support would be much appreciated!


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As you already use alternatives, I suggest craniotherapy - lovely and relaxing and wonderful if your body responds to it. You can feel your arms and legs realigning themselves. And also Bowen as this frees up energy channels, and your damaged nerves spring (literally) back to life. Agsin, you can ferl the muscles relaxing.

With all your injuries, a lot of the pain you are feeling will be compensation pain. This is layered onto the body and may not be anywhere near the original injury. It needs to bee peeled away (like onion skin) to reach the root of the pain, which it sounds like the physio and chiro are doing.

I have similar bony injuries to you but very little nerve damage. I occasionally get pins and needles in my feet, like ankle socks (really weird) and my thighs feel bruised when I touch them. Most days I feel lije I've had a kick up the pants too. I used to get p & n on the left side of my crotch (again a weird sensation) but after 100's manipulations I don't get this any more.

Time is a great healer, and also recognising when an alternative therapy doesn't work anymore. Just try a different one. They are so experienced treating the people the NHS can't find solutions for.

Don't forget the Chinese dr. I had one of their massages - amazing 1/2 hr with accupuncture needles under a heat lamp. He cupped the needles when taking them out. Then the massage. He was picking me up with 2 hands and turned me over. Every muscle was pummelled into relaxation.


Thanks for sharing your suggestions and experiences Zanna.

Unfortunately, after selling my business to devote time to rehabbing from Rotator Cuff surgery, I'm living on "fumes". The alternative therapies are not covered with my health care so I pick and choose VERY carefully.

The ice pac fits my budget :)

Glad to hear your groin pain eventually resolved....was a spinal source ever identified?



Hi Kathy,

Sorry to hear some therapies are unattainable. It's crazy that the things that work better than meds are not included in health plans.

Mine is complicated. I have a congenital abnormality L6 - some of the prongs are missing which means my spine is hanging without support at the base. Didn't know this as no problems during childhood.

2nd daughter was engaged for 6 weeks prior to birth which stretched all my pelvic joints. Sacrum snapped horizonrally between S1 and S2 - I had to stop pushing as the cord was around her neck a few times. Didn't know sacrum had snapped then. Despite many trips to gp with back ache, was told what do you expect? you've just given birth. Eventually the pain settled down but reappeared 5 years later. I woke up one morning, went to get out of bed and my whole body went into spasm. So began the treatment.

My whole spine and pelvis had twisted both vertically and horizontally and my sacrum was twisted on the vertical axis. Since then (13 years) I've had various treatments and therapies. During which I have had pain I never thought possible. I've been taught to read my pain. I've learnt why my body creates pain. I've learnt the importance of good supportive footwear, the importance of keeping my body in symmetry, holding back on the good days, finding distraction through creativity - started a sewing business.

I have a battery of exercises I have to do every day and I have to get my sacrum realigned by a physio every few months. The pain ranges from nearly not there to what I call screeching violins (totally unbearable). I manage without meds, just because I don't want to build up resistence too soon.

I don't find the pain too bad to cope with - they all have names and I talk to them when I have to do something I know will upset them. Very occasionally its party time when they all join in.

I find the frustration at being slow to do things, having to break a task into smaller units to complete very hard. My house is full of half done tasks - they all need juggling as I have to balance activities (the symmetry thing).


Hi Zanna,

Good grief, you've been through the wringer girl!

You also sound very brave to have forged a life which incorporates those pain demons rather than fight them. A most interesting approach.

Do you sleep? That's my biggest enemy....had a dream recently about shooting myself with multiple .22 shells so as to practice accepting pain. Don't have to look too deep to get the meaning there, huh?

Interesting about the fractured and subsequent sacral alignment issues. I also fractured and now have these rotational alignment issues. Nothing so noble as childbirth, mine was from a "cannonball" off a high platform onto a rock in shallow water. Dumb or what? I believe many of my issues are tied into this earlier injury, something no one seems to be able to effectively address.

A question for you Zanna....are you/were you ever tested for Celiac Disease?

To have your sacrum snap seems indicative of something beyond the rigors of labour. Being a recently diagnosed Celiac I've researched the multitudes of health issues this autoimmume disease of malabsorbtion can create. For instance, I had five teeth fracture in ONE winter, have polled the Frozen Shoulder Group and many suffers have either been helped with a gluten free diet or are Celiac. Just a thought....it does affect your bone development in a big way.

Thanks for all your thoughts and sharing's.

To good days ahead!



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