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Still having some burning in my rectum

The last time I posted I was havind a great deal of back issues( L4L5 ) are out of place by an inch, pressing on the nerves that go to the rectum. This causes a burning feeling in my rectum and sometimes my leg. I finally had a simple exray by a chiropractor to find this problem. I was already seeing a pelvic floor physiotherapist to deal with the muscles so tight on the left of the of pelvic floor. Particularly the levitor ani muscle on the left side.

I spent last week in the hospital because the nerve pain was becoming unbearable. I though I was loosing my mind,.

I was put on 600mg of Gabapentin twice a day and each day for a week it was titrated up until it reached 1800mg/day. It seem to help a little.

Saw my gp who said I could go higher. 3600mg is the max.

My question is “ do I keep seeing the chiropractor and pt. It costs me $260.00 a week to see them both. Neither one will give a time frame when things will be fixed. It could be weeks, months or years.

Which one is causing the problem? My back or my pelvic floor or is it a combo of both. I can’t afford $1000.00/month. I don’t know what to do. Any suggestions are welcome . Thank you to this wonderful group. Very strong and great people you are. N

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I found Lyrica more helpful than Gabapentin. I had rectal pressure, burning and tightness. The DRG implant has helped me 50 percent. Try a pain management specialist. See my posts. Rocky68


Try meditation. If you can relax the muscles the nerves will hurt less. Heal while you sleep on utube, Deepak Chopra another good one. It’s taken me three years to figure this out. I do meditation 3-4 times a day. There are 10 min. Or longer ones. I fall asleep to the first one.


Thank you. I definitely will try more meditation. I too fall asleep. 👍


I think your back is causing the problem as all the nerves come out of your brachial plexus at the base of your spine, and go everywhere below this If they are squeezed this can cause burning pain below that affected part. Ive discovered that my gynae symptoms are probably caused by a herniated disc at L3/4 or the surgeon having cut through the pudendal nerve when he was operating I find gentle exercise like Pilates run by physios helps to a certain extent. Still trying to get my medication to work and hoping to see a neurosurgeon for a back scan

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Thank you smollyholly for your reply. I believe you are right on all aspects. I have been seeing a chiropractor but I think he is making it worse. I believe my back has been out for years. Just finally acting up now. I don’t think he can move the vertebrae back. He can’t give me a straight answer. I’m taking Gabapentin for the nerve pain and using a tens machine. Having a bm is so painful. Physio appointments are hard to book because she is so busy. Today I feel deflated. Thankfully the royal wedding was on tv. I had something nice to focus on. N


I was told to use Laxido stool softeners - can use up to 4 packs at once I’m now using just half a pack especially if I take codeine based medication. I also use an anusol suppository for pain in my rectum which helps Hope this helps you


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