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Hepatitis (A and B) Vaccines vs PBC

As far as I know there are some international recommendations regarding Hep. vaccination for PBC people (not only, but especially as there is an underlying liver condition already).

Do you know about this/ have you been advised regarding this? Ever asked your doctor about it? It's surely worth a talk with your doctor.

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My specialist said that she recommends the hepatitis vaccine for all her liver patients, since the last thing someone with a liver disease needs is another liver disease.

You need a series of three shots- after the first shot you wait one month, then get the 2nd shot, then you wait another 5 months for the third and final shot. I've had the first two shots myself, and will get the last one in April.


I had the Hep jabs just as I started working in a medical environment 6yrs ago now and I am convinced that the series of jabs I had over a period of time (think it was 6mths by time it was completed and then you have to have blood check), this actually brought on PBC.

It did make me wonder afterwards.

I would have been due a booster last yr as was informed it was 5yrs on from the final one.

Given I have no intentions of leaving the UK (but I do want to visit Ireland, my grat grandmother was born in Dublin) now or in the foreseeable future I can't warrant myself uptaking an Hep jab. As far as I know it's not a standard offer here in the UK unless you are about to travel out of the country.

PS I didn't suffer any side-effects that I know of from the jabs.


What you say is consistent with what I have heard from liver specialists. I do not have PBC, but I have known about the risk of the general population regarding hepatitis B and C, so I got my shot today as well.


my specialist advised same whci I have now had!


Hi, in my last job I had to have the all the hep vaccinations. Apart from a sore arm I did not suffer any ill effects. Best to get yourself protected. Take care :-))


I'm nursing here in Ireland - I have to have my levels checked every now & again. Do make sure you get bloods to confirm your vaccinated. Your hep b titre levels should be above 100 ONCE in your lifetime and offers life long immunity, as per my consultant, occ health sometimes requests another set of vaccinations as my levels won't stay above 100- I have has 2 courses and 2 boosters over all.


Yes, thank you, of course you must do the blood tests first. I showed no antibodies so they said to better do it.

Thank you all for sharing :). People learn from other people's experiences as well, at least go first go and ask their doctor. All the best to all of you.


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