Hepatitis A and B Vaccination for PBC patients

I had in incident recently that made me worry about contracting Hepatitis A. I'll be doing blood test this week to check that out. But, as my doctor and I were talking, she said that it'd be good for me to get vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B. She said, in general, for people with chronic liver disease (PBC, fatty liver, or other ), it is good to be protected from another liver disease with vaccination. I am considering doing it.

Anyone had the same suggestion from their doctor about being vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B, and went ahead with the vaccination? Any side-effects from the injections?


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  • That's a great question. I'm so glad that you brought this up now. I have a dr apt tomorrow. I will be sure to ask him. I believe hep A is from bad food

  • Please, let us know what your doctor said. Thanks!

  • Hi iagra; when I was first diagnosed ( 2006) by a GI doctor--- he strongly recommended getting vaccinated for Hep A & B-- he said that my liver needed all the protection it could get. With all the travelers / immigration today, it would be very easy to contract Hep A ( restaurant worker with poor hygiene for example). So I did get vaccinated for both, recently my Hepatologist checked to see if I was protected & strangely I am protected for Hep A but apparently I am a 'non-responder' to Hep B! So next visit I'm going to ask him if I should be re-vaccinated for Hep B. Also I get all the vaccinations recommended by the CDC (Center for Disease Control---I live in the USA), flu shot, shingles, etc.

    I don't recall any issues from getting the Hep A & B vaccine & frankly, think it's a good idea to keep current with all vaccinations, you know-- an ounce of prevention..........

  • Thank you for your input, dear Belliver! I read one comment somewhere that the person became allergic to all drugs after getting A/B vaccination. I don't know how accurate this information, perhaps that person had some other issues going on. Nothing like this happened to you, after the A/B shots, I hope?

  • Not a thing happened, don't recall feeling ill, can't even remember if my arm was sore ( tetanus booster is a real pain in the arm for me). Like I said-- I think I will probably get the Hep B series again if Hepatologist recommends it. Only other advice is to make sure you're feeling well when you start the shots; like you're not just getting over a cold, sore throat, etc. Good luck!

  • Thank you so much! Best to you, as well!

  • Yes. My doctor suggested that I needed this. I just had my first shots last week.

  • Thanks for letting me know! Did you have both A and B vaccine? Did you have any reaction, side effect from it?

  • Yes, I had A and B. They do have a vaccine that has A and B all in one but my insurance does not pay for that one. I had to have 2 shots. One in each shoulder. My shoulders were a little sore the next day. The B side more than the A. I have to go back 2 more times for the B shot and 1 more time for the A. I had no problems or reactions to the shot.


  • Thank you, Pam! Best to you!

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