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anyone suffered from drug induced PBC

Hi I havent as yet got a diagnosis, however I am seeing a liver specialist tomorrow (privately as was over a 20 week wait on the NHS). I had breast cancer 3 years ago and following surgery and radiotherapy I was put on Anastrozole as I was post menopausal and my cancer had been oestrogen receptive. Within a few weeks of commencing this drug I developed joint pains particularly in my hands and feet and odd random days of fatigue. I was told to take Naproxen and to expect fatigue as I had gone through therapy and a cancer diagnosis. so I have battled on taking the drug. I went to see my GP recently and she offered me some repeat blood tests which came back with abnormal liver enzymes. Ive had a liver ultrasound and more bloods and all my GP said was that an antibody had shown which could indicate PBC. I am convinced that this drug has affected me and am interested to hear from anyone else who has experienced similar issues.

I am hoping of course that I am lucky and that this is not PBC and that if the specialist feels the drugs are affecting my liver my oncologist will agree to let me discontinue them. I look forward to hearing from anyone out there with experiences similar.

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Man, you have been through it. I'm so sorry. I find what you say interesting because for about 6 years in a row, I had surgery after surgery. Each time I was given antibiotics and strong pain meds. But rather than take the pain meds which made me nauseated, I opted for ibuprofen 600 to 800 mg. a day. Prior to the surgeries when I had my menstrual cycle Ibuprofen was my "go to" pain med for bad cramps! Needless to say, I've taken ibuprofen for YEARS. Naproxen is also an NSAID. I actually think it's the same as ibuprofen but stronger. Motrin is too.

I wonder if I've done a number on my liver and made myself more susceptible to PBC?? I don't know. I haven't touched ibuprofen for 2 years. And now that I'm on sulfasalazine for RA, I'm not supposed to. I also don't think you can take URSO with ibuprofen but I'm not sure.

Let us know how it goes. I hope they find you're in the clear for everything!! ❤



I took ibuprofen when my wrist & knee hurt from injury as approved by Hepatologist. It was short term. Not sure if okay for long term.

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Hi Pam! I believe my PBC was also caused by drugs and/or surgery. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos just 6 months after delivering my son via c-section back in 2013. I had regular blood tests done every 3 months since to check my levels and they've always been normal. In 2016 I delivered my third son via c-section and when I went to have my labs drawn just three months after delivery, they were abnormal. Further testing was done and I was diagnosed with PBC. With all the drugs rhey push during surgery plus the trauma of it all, I'm convinced it's the cause of many of these auto immune conditions, including PBC


Hi Andrea, I saw a liver specialist on Friday and he unfortunately was not in possession of all my blood results, however he did say that the Anastrazole (Arimidex)I am on to prevent the cancer returning can affect liver enzymes etc He is now going to discuss my case with my oncologist and will be doing some more tests I believe. Prior to breast cancer I was fairly fit going to gym three times a week etc....nowadays I can hardly walk for painful joints and can only manage to swim for exercise.

Thanks for replying as any ideas and other experiences are always good to hear.


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