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Hi . I was diagnosed with pbc just over 3 years ago. I see my consultant once a year, but have my bloods checked Every 6 months. The last few blood tests haven't been so good. So when I saw my consultant in July. She took a full set of bloods & checked for hepatitis, which came back negative. I was told to take 1000mg of urso instead of 750 until I get results from a biopsy which I had yesterday to see what's going on. Has anyone had a biopsy?

Wondering how long it takes before getting back to normal. Such as the pains afterwards . I've taken the day off work. But was hoping to get back tomorrow. Upto now I don't feel fit enough. X

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  • Hi CarolebroadbentI didn't really have much pain after my biopsy. It was just felt a little sore and that was only when I moved a certain way. I was back to normal the next day. You shouldn't pick up things or pull on things for about a week, at least that was what I was told. It is different for everyone though. I would would ask your Dr about it if you are still feeling badly tomorrow. Try and not to stress about your results (I know that's easier said than done) as stress is not a friend to us with PBC. I was started on 1000 mg if Urso when I was diagnosed 2 yrs ago. I am on 1250 mg of Urso and I also take Ocaliva. I would ask your Dr about Ocaliva if the Urso doesn't seem to be working. Keep us posted. Take care.


  • Hi Lisa . Thanks for your reply. The pain is easing a little after a few paracetamol. It's worse like you say when moving certain ways . Hopefully better tomorrow. Think my consultant was unsure about putting me on a higher dosage of urso. I'm only small & weigh 7 stone 6 . Think that's why she had to make sure it wasn't too much for me. She also mentioned about trying me on some new medication obeticholic acid if it yet available or Bezofibrate if not . This is once she has the biopsy results x

  • Some amount of pain after the procedure is totally normal. You should be fine by tomorrow. I remember, right after the procedure, same day, my husband and I went to look at the new car at the dealership. Don't worry, you'll be fine. The procedure sounds more scary than it actually is. A had much more pain from the wave ultrasound, when she pushing on my rib bones. That was very painful. So, my gastro decided I'll be doing it only once a year, not every 6 months, unless my labs get worse. I am on 1000 mg of urso, since November 2016.

  • Thanks for your reply Iagra . I'm starting to feel a lot better today. But still a few niggles when I move certain ways . I managed to go to work this morning. Just took things easy ( I'm a cleaner ). Hopefully not too long waiting to see my consultant. She's semi retired. So only works every other week & she's full for next week. Take care & thanks x

  • It took me a few days after and about a week and half before I was back at the gym. It was more painful then i thought but gets better :)

  • Hi

    It depends on the site of the biopsy .. if it was taken from under diaphragm it takes a while to recover .. sitting up and changing position of coughing is painful .. it took me over a week to be able to move and breathe deeply ..

    the biopsy I had initially was taken via rib cage on tight lower rib and it took less time to recover 3 days ..

    don't underestimate the recovery time as it is a significant procedure ..

    important to keep moving though and ventilate your lungs with controlled d

  • Meant to add controlled deep breathing exercises ..

    good luck 😊💐

  • Was under my diaphragm. Yeah also hurts when I cough sit up & move position. Thanks for your reply. Best wishes x

  • Hi Carole, I've had 2 biopsies in the last 3 years. First one was dreadful, the pain was intense, even as it was being done. Afterwards I was very sore for days. 2nd one I was really terrified before I had it and it was a complete doddle! No pain at all, I felt fine and couldn't wait to be on my way home.

    Everyone is different and after my experience I think some of it may be down to the person doing it.

    Go with the flow and listen to your body, if you feel ok you probably are but best to ease off on anything strenuous for a few days.

    Hope you're soon back on track.


  • Thank you Lorraine. I'm pleased to hear everyone is different. Still have a little pain today seems more muscular. It's been 3 days since my biopsy now . So hopefully a lot better by the weekend. Take care


  • Yes i have had a biopsy. I would say a week.

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