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Diagnosed with pbc 5 years ago. At that time I was given a dexa scan and believed that results were normal. Now having suffered a spinal fracture at the age of 52 I have been told that although my hips were fine in the previous scan that there was mention of my spine having to be monitored in future. Would have been good if someone had mentioned it before now. Looks very likely that I have osteoporosis now and unfortunately there is a waiting list for the scan. GP wants to start me on meds meantime but due to my varices etc needs to take advice as to what is safe. Would be grateful if anyone in a similar position could let me know what they have been prescribed.

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Hi mojo62, sorry to hear about the spinal fracture.

About 6 yrs ago my dexa showed osteopaenia and I've been taking prescribed calcium+vit D (Adcal-D3) ever since. A more recent dexa showed early osteoporosis and I was prescribed bisphosponates. Neither medicine has impacted on my LFTs.

Bisphosphonates are probably the ones to watch with your liver (try PBC Foundation for info) but taking them might be important to protect your bones in future. Probably GP will repeat your blood tests if you start taking them. They can have various potential side effects, but these are known and should be monitored. My GP and I struggled to find one I could tolerate at first (because of severe heartburn), but now I take Ibandronic acid, a once monthly tablet which I'm ok with. We're all different, but I hope my experience is of some use to you. Sounds like you've got a good GP who wants to be careful, so that's good!

Best wishes.

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