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I have PBC and Osteporosis etc. I have been having a hard time walking and doing stairs.

I've had lower back pain for some time and Dr has said it was arthritis. It was bothered πŸ˜• me from time to time. But it is worse now

PBC is such a fun disease - my fatigue is extreme & I took early retirement because I just couldn't Work anymore. I'm 63.

Thoughts suggestions about my walking etc. so Frustrated.

Love ❀️ to all.


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Hi Ohio82; don't you just love it when the doctor has made that snap decision " it's just arthritis, nothing more to say ...." Maybe a referral to a rheumatologist might be in order? There are over 100 types of arthritis, some actually have a treatment protocol! In the meantime, maybe some physiothereapy, massage, would help. I have osteopenia in my spine, psoriatic arthritis and I find water aerobic classes ( prefer the deep water ones vs shallow) help tremendously. There are certain exercises that are very good for building muscle & helping strengthen the bones that can be done on a regular basis that may decrease your level of pain/ discomfort. But you need to be assessed first. Tell your doctor you need treatment for your back issues , you would like a referral to a good rheumatologist and/ or spine clinic , pronto. I'm 61 & my back has improved since I saw a rheumatologist ( as well as a Hepatologist), I go to the Y on a regular basis to exercise on the equipment that involve weights & aerobics in the pool. A lot of times I am fatigued but force myself to go exercise & always feel better afterwards. Don't be discouraged!


Thanks so much- don't know what I would do without our group!!!! A lot of useful info you shared, thanks so much !!


Hello Dorothy, are you taking vitamin D tablets at all? I find these help me walk with less stiffness and pain. Maybe worth a try.


I do take Vitamin D

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Hi there Dorothy

So you have pbc and osteoporosis ...

you may not b able to get rid of your pbc but there's a lot u can do to maximise your health and increase your bone density

Exercise , especially weight bearing helps to add density to bone - get a referral to a physiotherapist from your doc ..

there are specific classes tailored to osteoporosis

Line dancing , walking , when you feel stronger maybe uphill.. check out health walking groups in your area..

increase your calcium intake - milk, almonds, yogurt for example ..

walk in the sunshine and soak up its free vit D and take supplements between October and spring .. also liver , egg yolks, meat, oily fish ..

if u smoke - consided stopping or reducing - it leaches the calcium from your body

Alcohol also impacts on osteoporosis ..

So pain relief 20 mins before exercising might help - you'll find the exercise less painful but talk to physiotherapist or nurse re best type as that will b unique to your needs

Before u know it your next DEXA will show an increase and that will be all down to your commitment πŸ…

So Dorothy , look for the opportunities here to b the healthiest version of you .. 😊 And shake that Bootie..πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»

Before you know it you'll be gadding off to music festivals , line dancing your way to Nashville (or a UK version of it ) or out scaling the hills in our green and pleasant .. ..

You will be trailblazing for the pbc / osteoporosis communities

πŸ†πŸ΅πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ


Thanks - a lot of Good info here - I've decided today, a lot of my issues besides the fatigue and HE is from osteoporosis and arthritis and need to work on those next.


Some good information above. Some take calcium also. Many patients with bone issues also speak of benefits from apple cider vinegar, so that, too, may be worth researching.

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Thanks. I do take calcium - need to work on exercise etc


Have you tried swimming or water aerobic? Several friends said they benefit from that program in YMCA .


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