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PBC with overlapping autoimmune diseases

Hi - I was well until this summer when I was diagnosed with a symptomatic Celiac disease. Abnormal blood test confirmed by small bowel biopsy. Went gluten free and then developed debilitating polyarthritis - started on steroids. Elevated alk phos led to suspicions of PBC. Had liver biopsy last month which confirmed stage 1 PBC. In interim developed SOB/ chest pain. Now recovering fromVATs procedure with lung resection and biopsy which revealed chronic inflammation and fibrosis of lung - pleuritis. Doctors are puzzled never seeing this constellation - celiac, polyartritis,PBC and Pleuritis. They say it is an overlap autoimmune condition. Still on steroids ( since August) plan is to wean steroids and start on more potent immunosuppressive agent along with URSO. Interestingly my alk phos was found to elevated only one time in August and since then my LFTs have been normal .

Any thought or anyone with a similar story

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I have multiple autoimmune syndrome 2 -pbc/scleroderma/sjogrens & hypothyroidism. I also have a lot of osteoarthritis. I have liver fibrosis detected by the fibroscan. It started for me when i was a teenager, and i,m gradually accumulating more, and its got worse in my 40's. I had to give up a well paid job this year due to fatigue and chronic weight loss.

I have a lot of problems getting people to understand my conditions, and because i look ok, i have even been called a hypochondriac. I can't think of one person who could tell you what i have, and many friends seem to have got bored and i don't hear much from them now. The whole thing has made me feel quite depressed.

I,m hoping to start the NY positively, and try to get away somewhere nice, so that i can catch up with myself (if i can get travel insurance!!!)

Best wishes.


I have other auto immune conditions 4 of them & they're convinced thyroid will be the next it's like ticking a list off. X


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