Possible PBC noob

Itching for 6 months, unbearable at times. Fatigue for about a year. Seriously high liver functions, high c-reactive protein, normal glucose, and mid-range bilirubin. Occasional discomfort of upper right abdomen for about 8 years. Tested for allergies (due to itching), but all came back negative. Took AMA and hepatitis blood test yesterday - results back soon. Ultrasound scheduled for this Friday. A little frightened...

My itching is terrible. Steroid and antihistamine seem to help somewhat but not completely. My itch is accompanied by small raised bumps sometimes, which I don't seem to see anyone else mentioning.

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  • Hello rexolio.

    I've had no 'bumps' with the itch of PBC. I started itching all over intensely early 2010 which led to diagnosis of PBC December 2010.

    The only signs in parts of my body regarding the itch almost 7yrs on now is where I've managed to scratch and there are tiny scars.

    The only thing I can think of is when you are scratching where you itch you are irritating the hair follicles.

  • Welcome Rexollo - I think the unknown can sometimes be worse than knowing what you have or don't have. Hopefully, your blood test results and Ultrasound will give you some answers one way or the other. If you are diagnosed with PBC I'm sure they will start you on meds to try to reduce your numbers. It takes some time to wrap your head around a new diagnosis but this is a great forum for answers and support. I am fortunate to not have the itching that is so common with PBC so can't speak to that part of your question directly. Wishing you the best on your upcoming test results - keep us posted on how you make out!

  • I have a rash wit the itch ...

  • What does the Creative protein test reveal?

  • What does a C-reactive protein reveal?

  • Presence of inflammation in the body

  • Just an update... AMA came back with presence of anti mitochondrials in my system, but not at a level to cause a positive result (interesting to know that the test result had a note that said 95% of patients diagnosed with PBC had presence of AMAs in their blood).

    Ultrasound results came back, though I haven't head from my doctor about it yet. Gall bladder fine but for liver it says, "The liver demonstrates increased echotexture suggestive of fatty infiltration".

    A few days ago after messaging my doctor he said that symptomatically it does sound like PBC but so far the test results are inconclusive. Going to give me a consult to GI specialist.

    I just want the itching to STOP!!!

  • I would ask to try URSO if you have a positive AMA , it may help with the itch too and slow progression of PBC if you have a positive AMA for PBC.

  • Hmmmm....maybe you have fatty liver in which case my doc says even 10% reduction in body weight can have positive effects. You may need to have a liver biopsy for confirmation of PBC. Hang in there - you'll get to the bottom of this soon! Remember you're your own best advocate so don't stop asking questions and looking for an answer!

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