First PBC Synmptoms

I am,  very curious about first symptoms of PBC were severe itching especially feet, and diarehhea for many many days that led me to the Dr. who then did blood work and diagnosed PBC. also recently diagnosed with Sjrogren's ( I can't spell it)  Syndrome but I realized I had that a long time before PBC when I looked back...... Did anyone else have the extreme diarehhea as a first symptom?????

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  • mollymom. Hi! Yes I had the loose stools for

    a long time. Only after I stopped the intake of gluten it started to become normal

  • Thanks so much I was always wondering if anyone else had this. After starting URSO this symptom went away.... All the best of health to you!

  • Hi Mollymom - I have had diarrhoea with griping pain but I don`t think it`s to do with the PBC because when I cut gluten from my diet it all stopped. I am currently being tested for Coeliac Disease which is another autoimmune condition. Apparently autoimmune conditions tend to come in clusters! Try cutting gluten and see what happens. All the best. Diane

  • Thank you so much Diane. Good health to you!!

  • I'm in the USA Diane, but my wonderful Mom was from Newcastle upon Tyne, she survived WWII. Strong people those Brits are!!! , as I know you are too....

  • for me it the high liver numbers that was my first indication something was off - than it was the fatigue - I couldn't' understand (when my routines hadn't changed in a long time) why all of a sudden I was so damned tired all of the time (no matter how well I slept at night).

    Now I have the itchiness, and light coloured stools and fatigue

  • Becca I have not been diagnosed yet, but I have a liver biopsy schedule. I was wondering my symptoms were itching, nauseous and vomiting, fatigue, gray colored stool, and yellow eyes and skin. My liver enzymes were very high. But now I feel better except for the fatigue, my blood work is better but still a little high except for my M2 antibodies which are 50.2. This is why I am getting the biopsy. Dr thinks I may have PBC.

    Does any of this sound like what you experienced?

  • Hi :) I didn't have the yellow eyes and skin. I only get the nausea feeling when I'm backed up.

    the itching and the fatigue and the light coloured stools are my only symptoms at this point. :)

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