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Scan and endoscopy results

Scan and endoscopy results

Hi all. Had my liver scan and was informed it was normal nothing to show! Endoscopy also showed no varicese but did show a little acid which consultant told me is mild gastritis. She also informed me that I am in very early stages of PBC and she will discuss with me at my next appointment which medication will be suitable. I must say this makes me feel a lot better but I still so unsure about the future and it's progress. I have had no itching for 4 months but I have noticed over the last couple of months that I get mild cramp like pains in my arms, legs, stomach and back neck and jaw. Does anyone else get this?? They feel like mild little waves of cramp and some days last longer than others. I'm still doing my job as a self employed cleaner and excercising daily. Saying that on occasions I just feel like crawling in to bed and sleeping. Any feedback would be much appreciated as this PBC is new to me as at first I was seeing a consultant for my thyroid and now they tell me I don't have thyroid!!! One of the many consultants I have saw over the last couple of years for my thyroid took blood tests for PBC and this is how I found out that I have it.

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Liver scan normal, well that's superb for starters, although it just goes to show they can pick up PBC when it's only just detectable, which for the like of you and me is very good news. Assuming your Consultant puts you on a low maintenance dose of medicine called Ursodeoxycholic Acid (URSO) you will slow down the very slow progression of the disease and this might stop your itching too :-) The best bit of news I have ever read on here is that the oldest person registered with the PBC Foundation was 101 and died with PBC NOT because of PBC. Stay positive, but do everything you can to help yourself, stay exercising eat a good fresh diet and reduce alcohol to no more than 10 units a week - that's what my Consultant told me xx


Thanks Katherine. Glad to hear you are early stages too. I don't drink much alchohol anyway so that won't be a problem 😀😀 I will have to look at eating healthier though. But at present I don't have much of an appetite. So to be honest I'm eating rubbish. Will let you know what consultant decides. Did you have any side effects with your prescribed medication??

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When I first started taking URSO I got discomfort at the top of my stomach. At my 3 month review I told the Consultant, he insisted it would not be the URSO. I carried on taking it and have been on 900mg a day for 3 years. I do not have any side effects. Good luck.


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