Doctor's appt on Tuesday-Biopsy results

Hello everyone! Haven't been on in a bit, had my Biopsy on April 21 and I will be seeing my doctor on Tuesday to get results. Thought I would have them by now, but oh well. Getting a little anxious and tense about it. What stage will I be in? Will it be more advanced than I thought. Will they not see PBC at all and I still won't know? Will it be something worse? Lots going on in my mind today.

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  • Don't worry be happy??? I have to wait 4 weeks to see the doctor again. But had them mail me the results so at least I kind of know what's going on.


  • Don't be in a rush to meet trouble half way. Be positive and keep calm.

    Good Luck!!!!!!!

  • Don't worry which I know is easily said then done, but you have enough on your plate then with all the what if's and why's etc. Make the most of today and tomorrow and Tuesday will come along just as quick. I think everybody should count their blessings as things could be worse. Chin up and keep smiling.x

  • Dear NotorDJP - Sorry to hear of your problems and anxieties and add my voice to the others who urge you to think positively and wait and see. I am 66 years, live in London, and got the PBC diagnosis just over a month ago. Whilst there are times (usually in the night) when the "what ifs" raise their ugly head, I am trying to focus on the bright - there is nothing to be gained by doing anything else. Life is not so much about what happens to you, it is more about how you deal with it so smile and hope for the best. Thinking of you and wishing you well for Tuesday - let us know how you get on XX

  • Hi Liver-bird. I will be 66 in June of this year and I was told I had PBC in Feb. of this year. It is a shock to find you have something like PBC that has no cure. I am on Orso and I still feel good and I work full time. So for now I just have to keep going while I can.

  • Good attitude 2006 and, as with anything in life, attitude is hugely important. I have learned that that there is no real certainty and things come out of the blue, both good and bad. Glad to hear you are feeling well and working. I am feeling quite well too although I tire easily. I retired 2 years ago from a very busy and stressful job as NHS Complaints Manager. I now spend lots of fun time with my little grandchildren of 6, 4, and 2 years who are my delight and so, like you, I take the Urso, keep smiling, and hope to see them grow up. PS they provide a good excuse for me to go on the swings, slides and roundabouts again xx

  • Hello back,

    I hear you. Waiting is difficult. I understand that you are anxious, and there is a lot going through your mind.

    Sending positive thoughts your way :) Take a deep breath.. Tuesday will be here quickly, and hopefully you will have the answers you are looking for.

  • Thanks everyone. I haven't been thinking of this non-stop or anything, just looming. I am on vacation right now and will be leaving on Wed for a trip. I guess I just don't want bad news before I leave on vacation. In my estimation bad news would be an advanced stage or something else than the devil I know..PBC.

    I tried to get my results before I went to the doctor but they weren't finalized as of Thursday. My mind went all sorts of places, worrying about why I took so long. However, the hospital locally is known to be slow on some things. I am calling my doctor tomorrow to see if they have the results yet before I make a trip Tuesday to the doctor for nothing.

    I agree that I tend to borrow trouble before its here. Have my whole life. I am much better than I was, but some habits are hard to break

  • I've actually felt really good since my biopsy, other than some side pain this week that I can attribute, I think, to a fibroid I have that gives me referred pain in my upper abdomen. I get it sometimes before my period, which is due in about a week

  • I had a biopsy last May, and for the two weeks that followed, I too thought the ultimate worst ---- I continuously pictured being bedridden or even gone from this earth within a year. I worried myself sicker, lost sleep, didn't eat and fell into depression until the results were delivered. Well, I am really no worse for wear and in fact, have made vast dietary and lifestyle changes to prove that darn biopsy wrong. Mine said 'mild' on many accounts though some bile ducts are indeed missing, and oddly, clearly showed AIH (bloodwork didn't) and while bloodwork pointed exclusively to PBC, the actual samples from the biopsy didn't --- though it is highly probable. So, my point is this: Worrying will add no value to your life. In fact it will steal from you. There is nothing you can change about the biopsy, but there are perhaps improvements you can make going forward. I do hope the best for you and all people who find themselves here, and please know that we are all here to support one another. I hope you can set aside the wonder about your biopsy and allow yourself to wander into a fabulous vacation with happy memories that help sustain you. Please keep us posted on your biopsy results, NotorDJP.

  • Hello everyone. I was able to get my biopsy results from the hospital prior to my appointment tomorrow. Still not sure what I am reading though. From research I think I may be stage 2, but not sure with what I am reading. It does say I don't have any cirrhosis, that I for sure have PBC and that they suspect I may have AIH overlap, though it isn't conclusive by their criteria. I have some stage 1 and stage 2 findings, from what I can see on here and looking the stages on google. I see mild to moderate in many places on the report as well. It say preservation of normal hepatic architecture as well. I guess thats good. Guess I really don't know anything else, other than I don't have cirrhosis. It does say some of my bile ducts are gone, but that can also be seen in stage 2.

  • Hello again ---- it's all hard to read, isn't it? Even after my doctor explained word-for-word (literally), my curious mind had to go and look it all up online just to make sure that it was all 'backed up' and to find any additional explanations. (Turns out, he was pretty thorough.) He kept repeating the word 'mild', but I was still frightened. Well, as we know, it can take years for us to reach the fourth stage and many people can exist there for a while. I would make a comprehensive list of questions today to ask your doctor at your appointment tomorrow. Here's a great general list I found regarding PBC which may also help narrow in on your biopsy questions. Keep us posted. . .

  • Thanks. Ive read that list before. The transplant question always scares me. I know many dont ever get to that point but you have to prepare dont you. Thanks for your support. I waiver between being ok with this to im dying. Scary

  • Wishing you good luck and I will keep you in my prayers.

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