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Platelet count dangerously low

I have been on Ursodiol for a month. Doctor wanted me to have blood work after one month so went this morning for blood work. Nurse called and my platelet count was dangerously low 11,000! It was 270,000 on July 6th. Has anyone had this from taking Ursodiol ? I have a history of ITP which is also an autoimmune thing where platelets get dangerously low. The Doctor requested that I be admitted to the hospital, so I am here looking for answers! I had a liver biopsy on July 29 and have not really bounced back from that!

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Hello KansasJan.

Sorry I don't know what ITP is and can only pose questions myself with regards to your posting.

I know when I started on the urso back in December 2010 I had no changes with regards to certain blood work except the ones in the liver function test that in the beginning of taking urso started to decrease.

From your posting my first thought was that if your history of ITP is auto-immune and that is the sympton of this condition, maybe it is due to that and nothing at all to do with the urso. As far as I know urso doesn't alter any bloods except can reduce the relevant ones in PBC.

I know since diagnosis I have had slightly lower than normal ferritin level and also HB (HB though the result was just a point below normal range but that can be normal, especially in females) but it can also point to a patient being anaemic as in low in iron. Mine was explained through nose bleeds at intervals (I had a minor nose graze that I neded up seeing ENT for) so it could well be that there is some other explanation for your 'dangerously low' platelet count.


Hi there. So sorry u r going through what u are. I want to just share that my dtgr has had extremely low platelets lower than urs and is now in late 20s. She has ITP. found out that PBC is on same chromosome as ITP. Interesting as I allegedly have PBC. We have had many consults and told that people can have very low platelets and live fine. Her platelets are large. She has has some procedures and or falls etc and clotted. Doctors have wanted to take spleen out and we were advised against it. So many opinions. So look around before doing something u may not have to do. I dont know ur specific hx. There is the ITP foundation. meds were initially introduced and so glad she did not take it as years later bad side effects for people. It was a Godsend that we found dr that said leave it alone. In any case take care.


Hi Kansasjan!

I am so sorry you are going through this! I have a low platlet count, usually around 80,000, but I dont have ITP. I was told that low platlet counts are common for those with autoimmune diseases. My platlet count fell considerably after my liver biopsy. It was explained to me that the lower your platlet count, the harder it was for your blood to clot, and the more at risk you were to bleed if you fell, etc. hence, my hospitalization. I am guessing the same is true for you. Apparently, the platlets renew themselves every 7 days or so, but with those of us with compromised immune systems, and particularly those with liver and spleen issues, it takes longer. I am sure ITP makes it even harder! Mine bounced back to 70,000 within 2 months of the biopsy. Please let me know how you are doing. I hope yours also starts coming back up. Please rest.

All the he best


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