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Low blood pressure

Hi I am currently weaning off the prednisolone but today before I went for my health walk, I had my blood pressure taken by NHS health and well being team. My blood pressure is low 180/62...and I had just walked for 20 minutes to get to the location. She did comment and sais she thought it was a bit low but not too low. I would like to know if low blood pressure is a common thing for AIH/PBC.

I also have been feeling light headed on rising for months now, long before they started to reduce my pred. I understand there are witdrawal symptoms relating to the weaning off but also if ther was an adrenal issue from the long term use of steroid then low blood pressure and light headedness is a symptom. My previous consultant said it was very important to see what the adrenals are doing before stopping the steroids because long term use switches the adrenals off. This new consultant said nothing about checking. Should have had a short synacthin test to check the adrenals are still working or at least have the ability to work.

Any suggestions


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Connie, the blood pressure you quote is high rather than low, did you mean 108/62?

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Yes lol just looked at my printout 108/62.


I would think low B.P. could be more of a symptom of your Hashi's than your liver conditions.


The important bit is the lower figure 62 is quite low when having an op once mine was 58 & the aneciatist (sorry can't spell lol ) asked me if I was still alive. I'm on the lower side of normal mines pretty lowish all the time. But I've always been that way do I can't put it down to PBC. My suggestion to you is visit your Dr. He will double check it & explain what it all means. Xx


Hi Connie

Normal range for blood pressure is averaged at 120/80 to 140/90. So it looks like a lower diastolic pressure with a higher systolic. The diastolic is often low in athletes. There is a good article in WebMD


For some people a low diastolic is normal. My step daughter who is a nutritional therapist and regularly exercises has always had a low diastolic.

However having said that - if the nurse taking the blood pressure had been unduly worried I am sure they would have asked you to retest in a couple of months. Some surgeries have a 24 hour cuff that can be worn to measure blood pressure at intervals during that period. I was given it once, it was very difficult to keep it on overnight!

When is your next visit with the specialist? I always find it so hard to talk to them so if you have the same trouble I wonder if you could write the question down about the synacthin test then the specialist will be obliged to address the question or is it possible to ask your GP for this test. I have not heard of this test so had a quick look around on the net, thought this link was a clear explanation


Hope you manage to find an answer

best wishes


Connie - 180 is really high.


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