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I went back to Rheumy and he still says the muscle pain is from osteo and pbc. He put me back on tramadol for a month to see if it would help this time if not he will try something else. I also went to GP she put me back on my cholesterol medicine since my muscle pain hasn't gotten any better and my lipid panels were raised. She said my muscle pain is pretty much something I have for no known reason and to take muscle relaxer twice a day instead of just at bedtime. I go back in a month to recheck labs since my WBC was elevated and I still have severe shoulder pain ( I had a cortisone shot about 5 or 6 months ago which helped) for the last several months and my Rheumy gave me another shot this month but hasn't helped. I am having an MRI next week. My ALP is higher than it usually is so I don't know if the urso is not helping or what. I am still on the Vit D haven't had it rechecked yet. GP said will discuss Gastro on next visit. Hope everyone is well.


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Hi Lisa

Thanks for the update sorry to read of all the upheaval but it seems as if you have a good team around you. Hope you are not in to much pain.

Best wishes


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