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Waiting for ultrasound results why spleen and ovaries?

Hi all,

I am new here, I am 61 (Female) I started to feel odd back in January 2012; In May I lost my dog, then my father died in September after 9 long months of agony 2 months later my brother in-law had a fatal accident. I believed this trigger my condition. Normally I am a very energetic person, but suddenly I felt exhausted I will be working by the computer and falling asleep, my upper abdomen will fell so big, discomfort after eating and sometimes even I had to seat back since the pressure in my stomach was extreme. I notice a different smell on my urine and some itch at night.

I had all enzymes elevated, and a positive AMA; I been taking Urso together with Calcium and Vit D since late 2012. The fatigue is less every time, I do exercises at less 5 days a week walking for 1 hr. going uphill, I do not smoke or drink any amount of alcohol, no pain killers, even if I have a strong headache I only placed ice on my forehead and a strong coffee will do the trick. Now the enzymes are within the normal limits but high.

Last year my Gastro out of the blue wanted me to have a biopsy, without talking to me or explaining why, since the test result were within the limits, I refused and went to see another Gastro he told me that the risk was unnecessary, and my results where high but in the limits, as many of you already stated the biopsy is so small that chances are they won’t take the affected area and the result only will provide me maybe the stage level of my disease. I had in the past CatScan, and ultrasound. Yesterday I had another ultrasound only on the upper right side and under the ribs, also the spleen and ovaries, I do not have any idea why, since in the past the go all over the liver. I got the results for blood tests most are within limits (Alkaline, AST, ALT, PT, bilirubin, CBC, and creatinine).

The itch is less when it rains, I changed soap for my body, detergent with softener for clothing. I notice that when the weather is dryer my itches are worst, I used tons of body lotion and taking warm (not hot) showers sometimes at night it helps.

Still waiting for the ultrasound, and yes communication with my the Dr is horrible, I try to chance to other Dr but somehow the first Dr keep on sending me emails, it has been more than 2 years that I haven’t seen her she only sends emails and sometimes calls me is this normal? what is the Gastro expecting to see with the ultrasound? why the spleen and ovaries?

Good luck all thank you for your time, any comments are more than welcome

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I have an annual ultrasound which always includes the liver area and the spleen, I think this checks to see if the spleen is normal size and not enlarged and have done so ever since I refused a biopsy. I had one ultrasound quite early on that checked the overies but I was having some bloating issues and they wanted to check everything was okay not sure if they do it routinely.


Hello lila1974.

I am now in my early 50s and have found that as I've aged my stomach only feels normal early morning and just after noon. By evening meal time I have to say I do often feel that it is larger. I put this partly down to the fact that as we get older our digestive system isn't as efficient as it was when we were younger and flying about but also due to having PBC I expect this also adds further to it. I tend to eat my best breakfast time and then lunch, taper off towards the evening meal as I by then don't feel as hungry.

I've never had a biopsy as I was diagnosed via the criteria (itching and at the time fatigue in 2010, abnormal bloods and then it was found I had those antibodies relevant for PBC). I know I'd not accept a biopsy now as to me it won't alter the PBC treatment currently and I dont' go in for these stagings via biopsy due to the fact the liver is a large organ, the biopsy site small.

When I had an ultrasound scan in 2010 even though my GP had done bloods that he said determined whether bone of liver related issue as you can have abnormal LFTs with a bone issue, I had the scan that included other surrounding organs to the liver. It could well be possible that PBC can start affecting other organs. Not sure about ovaries as I thought that a gynaecological issue if there were any problems. I know my consultant asked me twice about my periods in 2010 and I got cross then as I told him I've always had normal ones, still were normal but he never elaborated why he was asking me that. The only bonus with the scan you had is that you've had other parts of your body checked.

Sorry you itch too. I find being cool helps me enormously. Though I itch later at night, I do often feel the prickles during the day.

I think when we have bloods done, if there is nothing alarming and we haven't approached our doctors with new or altering symptons then it seems that we are doing OK with the PBC. I asked to be discharged from my hospital consultant back in Oct 2011 and he agreed on condition that I would return in future if needs be. I am still doing OK over 4 yrs on.


Hi Lila1974, when you have an ultrasound of the liver, usually called an abdominal ultrasound, all the organs & major blood vessels are visualized--liver,pancreas, spleen, kidneys, abdominal aorta, inferior vena cava, some gastric & renal arteries, etc & if your ovaries were imaged, then dr ordered U/S of the pelvis as well. I suggest you call dr office for a copy of the imaging report-- should get a lot of answers to your questions by reading the report. Sometimes these tests are done not only to make sure everything OK but also to rule out some other issues too. For myself, when any of my dr want to do some test ( eg liver biopsy), I want the reasons for it; I would be upset if dr ordered a test like a biopsy 'out of the blue'--if it were - bloodwork? who cares. The email only contact with one of your dr is certainly odd--- don't the doctors where you are have to see you in person at least once a year? Be sure to get copies of all your test results so that you can discuss them with your doctor ( in person). Good luck!


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