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Promising response to fenofibrate


Some of you may remember a couple of months ago I was asking if anyone had tried fenofibrate to treat PBC. Only a small number of people here had been prescribed it.

After a sudden increase in all of my liver enzymes last year and exclusion of AIH by biopsy my specialist felt my response to Urso was no longer optimal. He started me on fenofibrate which I have been taking for 2 months now. I have just had repeat bloods which showed a remarkable improvement! ALP is back within normal limits and AST, ALT and GGT just a little above normal. Early days, hoping this improvement will continue, but certainly a very positive initial response :-)

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What wonderful news Puddles !

So happy for you


That's awesome! Thanks for sharing your update. Wishing you continued improvement!!

Hi Puddles

are you no longer on urso? I have been on both for about 6 months and apart from putting on a bit of weight I feel great

Puddles in reply to terri2109

Hi Terri2109,

Yes still on Urso, just added fenofibrate. Were you also having an incomplete response to Urso? How have your blood tests been with fenofibrate? I feel really well too, though wasnt sure until I had blood tests whether it was a reflection of any real improvement. Glad to hear you are doing well.

Wonderful news Puddles, hope this new med. continues to work for you.

Hi Puddles, Do you have any side effects from taking Fenofibrate, its good to know there is an alternate drug from Urso!!!!

Mylo2 x

mylo2 in reply to mylo2

Just seen your still on Urso as well, ,, gives me the runs!!, thought there might be something else, oh well never mind, Hope you have continued success with Fenfofibrate, x

Puddles in reply to mylo2

Sorry to hear the Urso doesnt agree with you. Are you still taking it anyway? I dont know if fenofibrate has been tried on its own as usually whatever new medication they try they leave you on Urso as well in case it is still having some beneficial effect, however small.

mylo2 in reply to Puddles

Back on Urso now after a 5 month break, things worsened when off it, Trying to deal with side effects.I wonder now with so many people having PBC, if doctors will start to take it seriously ,lets hope so.!!!!

Puddles in reply to mylo2

Wishing you all the best!

So pleased for you Puddles. Keep in touch. Diane

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