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Had my 6 monthly check up yesterday, my bloods are stable (they seem to go up and down but only slightly) which is good, I had a vitamin A blood test (my Doc did a vit D test a while ago and I am now on a supplement) and I am being referred for a bone density scan. Has anyone else had this? I was not aware until yesterday PBC can increase your chances of Osteoporosis?

Thanks x

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  • Hi,

    I had a dexa scan on Tuesday, results take about a week so not had the results back yet, but having the scan is fine.

  • Thanks Crystal57,

    That's teally good to know.

    I hope your results are good.

    Jax xx

  • Thanks Jax, I see you live near to me x I was sent to St Catherine's in Birkenhead for my scan. Lesley x

  • That just made me smile, I know this may sound odd but it's nice to know someone is close!

    I had my appointment at the countess but they don't do the scan so it will depend on where my doctors send me, good to know it can be done close to home. Be good to keep in touch?!! 😊

  • Am at the Countess also !! Yes we must keep in touch that would be great !!😊

  • Hi I have had a few of these thankfully my bone density has always been fine even tough Im on the transplant list so it can affect us but doesnt always x

  • Hi Evelyn1,

    Thank you for your reply, I am very glad your scans have always come back clear, it's good to know it's not a given we can get it.

    Sorry to hear your at the stage needing a transplant but hope you don't have a long wait.

    Jax xx

  • I had my first new years eve. Got my results last week! My hip is fine my spine is softer than it should be. It came with general instructions telling me to jog & eat hard cheese amoungst a few choice more bits!! No reference to p b c have to wait till June to discuss them. So I've ignored everything & carried on as normal.

  • Hi,

    I had a bone density scan, as osteoporosis runs in the family.

    They found I have osteopenia, the precursor to it.

    So I have started calcium and vit D supplements.

    I believe PBC can affect absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

  • Hi Jax, I had a bone density scan last year, after fracturing my arm twice over3 years. I have osteopenia, I think PBC stops the body absorbing Calsium and Vit D as it should.


  • Hi Jaxter

    The Dexa scan is non invasive and lasts for approx 20 mins. It'll determine whether bone density is Normal, Osteopaenia or Osteoporosis. I was diagnosed with Osteopaenia at end of 2014. Ortho Consultant requested the scan as I had a bad ankle fracture a few months previous, so I was not surprised with the results. However I had been on Calcium & Vit D (but did not pay much attention to taking them at regular intervals) as PBC does affect absorption of Ca. I still continue to take CA & Vit D and will be re scanned in 2 years to see if it has progressed to Osteoporosis.

    Now that I'm aware of it, I am more careful & not jumping of steps, skiing, or sky diving!!

    Hope your scan goes well. Best of luck.

  • I have Severe Established Osteoporosis and have had the scan, it nothing you just lie down, don't even have to get undressed, no pain nothing, then they put you on alendronic acid ( I pill once a week ).

  • Forgot to say I got my results and they showed me the scan of my bones straight away.

  • Thank you so much everyone for sharing your experiences. My GP checked my calcium levels when they found out I had the Vit D issue and it was thankfully normal, I will start to take remembering to take my Vit D supplement seriously from now on though (not easy with my memory issues!). I will also avoid jumping out off planes as well Belgravia! 😉

    Hope you have all had a lovely weekend xxxx

  • Hi , yes I had a scan when first diagnosed with pbc two years ago , I have osteoporosis and have two injections a year and also take one tablet of calicum a day , this is i have been told is due to pbc and the menopause , I'm 50 , i try and keep active as this helps ,

  • I have a bone density scan every two years. I have osteopenia, so they are keeping an eye on it. I get my results straight away . It's very easy and nothing to worry about. I should add that I'm 72 years of age so would expect some loss of bone density.

  • Thanks IOW -gal, lovely of you to reply. Do you mind me asking how long you have had PBC? xx

  • I was diagnosed in February 2011, but was told I had probably had it, without realising it , for some time.

  • Thanks IOW - gal, I appreciate you answering, nothing behind the question apart from curiosity. I know I had this lovely illness long before I was diagnosed, when I was diagnosed I read about all the symptoms and had one of those penny drop moments!

    Thanks again

    Jax xx

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