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Scan results

Hi all I have not put a post on here for a while but I thought I would just let you all know I've been back to see my liver consultant and he said that my PBC has not affected my liver as yet and I have got to go back and see him in 6 mouths but I then got a appointment for a years time so this must be good news he said for me to carry on as normal and to live my life I did have some more blood test done to see if I am responding to the ursofalk but I do not know the results from the blood test's as yet. I am feeling good and okay at the moment I have no side effects and hope I don't get any I am still a little scared about my future but it's time for me to get on with my life and enjoy what I have I am feeling settled now and things seem to be going good but thank you all for your help and advice cherry 69

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Hi Cherry69,

Glad you're doing so well, long may it continue. It's always nice to have a good result! I've got my fibroscan in a few weeks time and am hoping for a similar result. My ultrasound scans haven't shown any liver damage, and I'm responding well to Urso. As for symptoms, I still get a bit more tired than I used to, and occasionally the itch strikes at night, but thankfully it's only now and again, so I'm keeping positive and living life to the full.

Being diagnosed with this condition gives you a different perspective on life, and helps you appreciate the good times without taking them for granted!!

Good to hear your good news, stay well



Good to read your news. I was diagnosed over ten years ago and still worry but as you say you got to get on with life although sometimes it can be a bit difficult!

Happy Days!

best wishes


Good for you Cherry69! Keep doing what you're doing & I hope all your tests stay in normal range. Have a good day!

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Can you get your blood test results online? the day we get blood taken our results are online on the lab's website (in our accounts). It's great.

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Great news

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