PTSD with autoimmune disease in family

I have PTSD and I have for the last year been having really weird symptoms, chronic ear infections treated with antihistamines and antibiotics. It still keeps coming back. It's a build of pressure feeling in my ear that is just obnoxious. I also have heavy periods that last over 7 days. Joint pain, unexplained bruising and red dots that show up. A lot of hand and leg cramping. I drink a lot of water, and a few months ago I got a cbc and it came back normal. I also have had kidney stones since I was 12 that are genetic and not induced by diet. My kidneys seem to always hurt and I have dropped twenty pounds in the last two months. I feel like because I have PTSD my doctors think they are psyochosymatic. I have a child and I feel fatigue all the time and I truly feel something is wrong. I have no clue what to do or how to go about this, please anyone with some type of advice help me out in any way. I am someone who never complains about health but I have this feeling something is wrong.

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  • Does one of your family members have PBC and/or do you suspect that you may have it?

  • Yes, on my mothers side. There is also rheumatic arthritis, vitiligo and lupus. Also chrones disease.

  • If your blood count came back normal but you worry that you may have PBC it may be that you are at the very early stages which are asymptomatic. Go back to your doctor, at any rate heavy periods of over 7 days may indicate that you will need iron tablets. Too much loss during menses can make you tired rather than indicating PBC. When tired us ladies tend to forget to eat properly which compounds the difficulty of maintaining a healthy weight do try to get back to a healthy diet it may balance out your energy level.

    It seems that with your family history the doctors might do better to look further than your PTSD. I am assuming that the cbc would have included a specific test for the liver, I.e., liver function test.

    Let us know how you get on.

  • Find another doctor, and then perhaps another doctor until you find one willing to do a full body work up on you.

    My diagnosis came from a routine physical that had my liver function test at only 1 point high. It was the caring, astute doctor that wanted to eliminate any problems.

    I wish you much luck in your journey to the answers.

  • I'm sorry your not feeling so well. If your Dr. isn't taking you serious then I would definitely seek a second opinion. Especially, given your family history. Last year I had an ablation done for heavy periods, because I was anemic and just tired of the heavy periods. Just walking in the mall would cause me to be out of breath and I craved ice all the time. It was winter at the time and even the snow looked so good to me. Anyway, I had a tubal done at the same time that I had the ablation and that's when they found the Endometriosis/Adenomyosis and then that led to other diagnosis of other things. Anyway, I've read that many believe Endo is autoimmune too. It may be worthwhile to get an app with a Gynae and find out what is causing your heavy periods. Have you had your thyroid checked that also could make you feel rundown as well. I would ask for an autoimmune panel due to family history and see if anything shows up. Also, are they doing anything for your kidneys? Sorry for all the questions! Wishing you the best of luck and I hope you get some answers!

  • Questions are totally welcome! I have a urologist because of my kidney stones, but I am going to do some more blood work for that. And I am about to make an appointment with the obgyn. I will do for an autoimmune screening since it runs in my family. Thank you so much! Anything else you can think of let me know. I really appreciate it!

  • Hi I went through the same thing because I'd just had a child and also suffered depression I was continually fobbed off by Drs! Every time I went I would tell them about the pain and fatigue and they just kept saying oh well you are a new mum you will feel tired! Eventually I found a dr who actually took notice of me. Who did blood tests which all came back fine so he did different blood tests which showed high AMA that then led to pbc diagnosis. No history in my family of it I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia and joint hyper mobility syndrome ?elhers danlos. My advice would be to just keep on at them until they take you seriously. Also finding a dr you like and go to the same one each time so that you have the continuity. Hope you get some answers soon xxx

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