Fatigue with racing heart

I am tired most of the time, but sometimes when I do something energetic like walking up a lot of stairs or sweeping the floor, I get really exhausted and my body feels like I just ran an a mile. I was usually very active and exercise most days until two months ago and I started feeling bad and my bloodwork came back with high liver enzymes and with AMA,s. I just had a biopsy and haven't got the results back.

I was just wondering if anyone else feels like this.

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  • Hi

    Yes, I experience the same walking up stairs but it seems to come and go. I do not suffer from daily fatigue though. I have PBC , Sjogrens, SICCA and Auto Immune Thyroid. Make sure a Rheumatlogist checks your blood work for other autoimmune conditions as with one, there are other conditions too. I am female, 57, and have had high liver enzymes for over 16 years. Been on Ursotan for 3 years and my liver enzymes have been normal and stable. I was diagnosed early, Stage 1.

    Does anyone else suffer from PBC that lives in Johannesburg? I would like to make contact with someone that has this condition.


    Sandy-South Africa

  • Thanks Sandy I will have him check for other diseases I may have. I have figured out PBC usually is paired with other illnesses.

  • I think it's quite common. When you get your results ask for your vitamin D checked it doesn't stop it completely but it really has helped me.

  • Used to get this a little when I was on steroids. Also when iron is low. Quite common.

  • I need to get my blood checked again, last month my iron was alert high,

    Then three weeks later it was almost normal. I didn't take anything to get it down. Maybe it went to low.

  • Yes I would be interested in any replies, my ferritin levels are high but nobody seems to be bothered except me! Kandiepat

  • I have the same kind of symptoms. And that makes me feel massively unfit.

    My bloid pressure is very low, 90/50 and that alone makes the heart race. Also am a bit anemic. You'd benefit from a good overhaul at your gp, blood pressure, having your iron, potassium and vitamin d levels checked. At least those. Hope you'll start feeling better soon!

  • Hello ,

    This sounds exactly like me.It's so frustrating and hard to explain to others.


  • Yes it's very hard to explain. Also just the fatigue itself is hard to explain. I guess I have never had fatigue before because it feels more than just being tired.

  • Thanks I will request a overall bloodwork be done!

  • If this is new for you I would suggest you have your GP check it out.

    I recently started getting palpitations and a racing heart and been referred to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours to check out what's going on although I suspect it is somewhat stress related.

  • What did the doctor say after wearing the heart monitor?

  • I have an appointment with cardiology on Wednesday to get the results.

  • Did you get any advice on your racing heart?

  • No not yet

  • Yes. I have low blood pressure too.

  • I have had the fatigue at times where I can't even get out of bed. I take vit d & iron as well because those were low. Fatigue goes hand in hand with PBC!

  • Ask for your bloods to include tests for anaemia. I get the same when my ferritin levels are very low. Good luck!

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