Great News :)

So I went to see my specialist last week for my follow up appointment (had blood work done a week in advance). I've been on URSO (3pills in morning) since Apr 21st. My numbers have pretty much been cut in half! so my AMA etc numbers are all down about 50%. That's a HUGE improvement as they've been HIGH and climbing since 2010. My specialist said the fact that my numbers have come down means I'm responding really well to URSO and at this point there's no need for the Prednisone she was going to put me on if the numbers remained high. (she said although AI Hepititas was ruled out there's a secondary issue going on in my liver and she was going to give me prednisone for it).

She said with the fact things are working a bit better in terms of things moving along better, that I should see the itching calm down a bit as it's caused by the bile salts in the system. I still feel tired but a lot less itching for now :) so that's good. I will be going for blood tests monthly (and monitor them at home anyway with my results) and will be seeing her in two months.

So happy to have some good news! :)

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  • Brilliant news!!

  • Great news Becca75. Here's to a long and happy future... Adele

  • Lovely to read your post.

    best wishes

  • Great news Becca.

    I am seeing my consultant today but haven't had bloods taken before seeing him which would have made more sense (I will mention this to him for my follow up appointments) I have a list of things I want to discuss with him though. Keep well X

  • good idea - I went into my appointment with a list of questions - it helped :)

  • That`s great Becca - keep well x

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