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Any one take Risedronate sodium

I just got a new prescription for my osteoporosis drugs and they have given me Risedronate sodium 35 mg to replace my old one Protelos.

does anyone else take this and do you have side effects from it. I am a bit scared of taking it as the side effects mention liver disorders.

X Linda

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Hi Linda I took Risedronate after I couldn't tolerate Alendronic Acid. All was fine for about a month then I reacted the same to it as the Alendronate Acid. Both are bisphosphonates :(


Hi Val, I have just been taken off the strontium renelate ( I was quite happy with that) I had alendronic acid and also an infusion, The infusion affected my kidneys and bladder in a big way and I could barely walk when I had alendronic acid, my feet and ankles were like balloons, so it looks like I have that to come again as I have now heard this twice about week 5 :o(

What are you on now ?


I tried Alendronate, Risedronate then the infusion. The Alendronate and Risedronate gave me reflux, loss my appetite, swelling in ankles and widespread pain. The infusion I had in January this year lay me out completely and I was in bed for a month as I kept passing out when I got up or moved about. I loss a stone in weight and can honestly say it is only the last month or so the side effects have worn off completely. Then discussed with my rheumatologist what to do next, we decided Strontium renelate, then they withdrew it. We discussed Denusumab but I cant have that because I have a latex sensitivity. So I've got until the end of the year when the infusion protection wears off - and they are all scratching their heads. I think it was Magnolia who mentioned Forteo so I was going to ask about that next time I go. Sorry that is not much help. I guess some of us just cant tolerate these meds :o(


Val this is about the same things that have happened to me so far, so now I am just waiting to see what the risedronate does to me now, I will give it a chance but I am not willing to try 12 month infusions or injections in the stomach so that will be the end of that.


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