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Hi. I'm sure I read on here somewhere that the different brands of URSO had different mixes/blends in them. I was originally put in ursofalk and have got past the side effects part. But when getting my next prescription found that it's a generic one. I'm thinking it probably doesn't make much difference but don't really fancy having side effects if it's not necessary. Does anyone know if it makes a difference?

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  • Hi Angel_b, I too started on Ursofalk and was then given various generics. I found one type of generic capsule 'stuck' a bit before reaching my stomach and quite often burst, releasing a cloud of bitter powder which I could taste for ages. I then asked GP to specify Ursofalk on prescription, which only rarely has this problem.

    Re fillers I know little, although lactose can sometimes appear in tablets (maybe not capsules) which some people don't tolerate well. I noticed no increase in side effects with generics. Hope this helps.

  • Thanks skypony. I only got 1 months supply this time so will try them and keep an eye on that. Funny enough the doctor had specified ursofaulk on the prescription - so I was thinking the chemist maybe ran out of that version.

  • They don't always carry Ursofalk in stock because it's more expensive, but only takes a day or so to get it in. They should really stick to what dr specified - mine's quite anal (ha ha) about that!

  • Haha will remember that next time lol

  • I would be interested in knowing this too as my prescription switches between 2 different ones and, as I have just responded on another post I have been suffering from mild diarhea and uncontrollable flatulence since starting on urso and it does seem to fluctuate. I am going to see if I notice difference in symptoms once I switch to other brand.

  • I can sympathise. I have the flatulance problem some days too. It really is horrendous - I get stressed at work because of it. Although I was blaming the healthy eating which is something I hadn't done before.

  • So glad you said that. I didn't know if it was the urso or something else as always been a bit windy but definitely got worse with regards uncontrollable wind since taking the urso and I totally get the stressed at work thing!

  • Well your not alone. I was thinking the other day how ironic it would be if I can work through the itch and tiredness but had to go on the sick for wind! (Not happened yet - thank goodness).

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