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PBC -it's all so confusing

Evening all, so story so far, consultant advises I have pbc, had the scan a raft of blood tests. Just had liver biopsy last week and started on urso 2 x. 300m per day. Finally today got a copy of consultants letter to my doc updating them on diag. It states previously positive AMA, raised IGM, and positive ANA. I have the other symptoms of tiredness, slight itch, bloating. I started to think this is all a dream and consultant got it wrong- he was adamant even though i had biopsy it was pbc- results above also tend to lean that way - do you agree??? Biopsy results not due yet!!

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Well I had the AMA and ANA blood tests back late 2010. It was thought at the time possible PBC due to fatigue (I no longer have) and itching plus abnormal LFTs.

The ANA came back negative but the AMA proved positive for the PBC diagnosis.

I'm in England and normally a positive AMA blood test along with symptons doesn't normally require a biopsy. Can't say for certain with regards to having a positive ANA.

But if you do have both positives then it is normally put down to something known as PBC/AIH overlap syndrome. I expect others on this site who I know have mentioned they have this could probably fill you in more.

I too take 2 x 300mgs of urso daily, started Dec 2010. I had a few initial side-effects on starting (bloating and heartburn and did think for a short spell made itching worse) but I continued taking as at the 2mths mark I had repeat bloods and they were showing a good improvement.

Good Luck.


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