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Do I need additional supplements with these results ??

Hi Everyone,

Would really appreciate some advice, diagnosed with B12 deficiency last year and currently have I injections every 11 weeks, i do self inject as well as I find 11 weeks too long!.

What I would like help with if anyone could make sense of results and would it be beneficial to take any additional supplements. I am currently experiencing hair loss at an alarming rate 😕


Serum 25 hydroxy vit D3. 25 hyroxy vit d

Serum ferritin level. 55ng

Serum iron level (X76th). 9.3

Serum transferrin level. 2.71

Transferrin saturation index 15%

Serum ferritin level (XE24r). 54 no

serum urea level (XM0lt). 3.7

Serum sodium level. 133

Serum potassium level. 4.6,

TSH. 1.99

Free Thyroxine. 15

Total Throxine (T4). 93.5

Free T3. 4.18

Thyroglobulin Antibody. 65

Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies. 129

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Tomine - would help if you could post the ranges as well

The last group of results are thyroid measures - would need ranges to see if anything was wrong there - not sure about the antibody ranges - the others look like they are in range.

Have you posted the vit D result - can't quite tell from the text - has pretty much the same symptoms as B12 deficiency

TUK forum likely to be more help with the thyroid results - but will also ask for ranges



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