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Ferritin / Iron supplement advice

Hi all,

Just had my blood test results back and my folate has increased from 3.2 ng/L to 16 ng/L as been taking 5mg folic acid per day.

My ferritin has slightly increased from 14.7 ug/L to 17.8 ug/L (was 8.4 in March 2016 & 12.1 in June 2016 when I was started in ferrous fumerate whilst pregnant) and prior to that in 2007 was 15.4 so never anywhere near where I think it should be (nearer the 90ish ug/L).

I know too much iron is bad and Doctor says all fine and I'm not anaemic but I'm pretty sure that my breathlessness is caused by the low ferritin and i know B12, folate and ferritin all need each other to work properly.

What is the best supplement to take? I remember the ferrous fumerate gave me stomach problems :( . I know vit c helps absorb it and b2 (riboflavin) helps with the storage.... is there anything else I need to take?

Thanks :)

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