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MTHFR gene Over/Undermethylation

Hi Everyone,

I had a follow-up interview with the GP (not in Canada) who says he doesn't see any signs of the MTHFR gene. He does, however, feel that I have problems with overmethylation rather that undermethylation. I have been using Methylated B12, and he suggested I use Hydroxycobalamin, but I don't know where to purchase it. Have you any places in mind?

He suggests that I increase my iron supplements of 30 mg. Ferrous Gluconate once per day to 3 tablets 3 times daily for 3 weeks of the month with one week break. Also for others out there with methylation problems it is also suggested I use Pyridoxal 5-Phosphate B6 instead of the multi vitamin B Complex.

No wonder I'm so dizzy! This is all too complicated for me!! Take care you all.

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not sure but is there a typo in your post - unclear if you are based in Canada or not.


My home base is Canada, but I also have a practitioner in the US who specializes in the MTHFR gene, over and under methylation, among other things. I had to take a trip to the states, just over the border and give a blood and urine sample. Thanks for your interest.

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Correction to my earlier post, he suggested I use 100 mg B6 along with 50 mg. of Pyridoxal 5-Phosphate daily.


I certainly wouldn't advise taking any more B6 than that =- it can cause neurological problems taken regualarly in large doses.

How do you take the B12? tablets or injections. Can't really advise on where to source injections as I'm the other side of the pond - though you could try putting canada in the search box and see who you can find who is based in Canada.. You might be able to source tablets more easily and importing them might work - I buy my non-injectable B12 from a UK company called detoxpeople.

I presume you have tried speaking to a pharmacist to see what they say - or messaging the GP that recommended hydrox to see if they could recommend a source.


Hi Gambit62,

I have been taking B12 as sublinguals and patches. I'm not going to stop these B12 forms until I have the Hydroxycobalamin to replace it. I have asked a person at a natural food store and it wasn't available there. I have just checked with the pharmacy and I can get it by special order OTC. I didn't think of speaking with the GP about where to get the hydroxyl B12.

About the B6, I certainly wouldn't be taking more than the recommended dose. I didn't know B6 could do that, thanks for advising me, its good to be on the boards.


Another thing you could try is adenosylcobalamin if the hydroxo doesn't work - again you can get this as sublinguals.

Glad the pharmacy was able to help


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