PA and homozygous MTHFR C667T - Treating with methylcobalamin


just wondering for those using methylcobalamin to treat their PA and have this gene mutation, how often do you receive your methyl dose?

Drs have been treating me with hydroxocobalamin for 4 months but has done nothing due to my methylation problems from this gene mutation. Found Integrative GP who is treating me for this now with methylcobalamin and gave me my first dose 2 days ago. I also have a number of other deficiencies such as zinc and magnesium and so he issued a personalised compound prescription for me. I seemed to be reacting to the niacin in it though, not sure if that will pass or not.

So I was wondering how often do u find u need the methylcobalamin shots? Trying to work out initial loading dose requirements. Dr said will depend on how I feel, but need some guide from other people's experiences. Would appreciate any advice :) thanks

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  • My experience is probably way different from yours, but I am low in cortisol and this lowers my blood pressure considerably. Taking the methylfolate lifts it, so to know how much I need, I take my BP before a dose. My normal dose is 250mcg, less or none if my BP is ok and a little more if it's very low.


  • There is so much variation in how people respond to any form of cobalamin that going from other people's experience isn't going to work and you may well be talking about such a small population here with the genetic variation that you mention that you won't even have a large enough group to even get a decent average from ... Your GP is correct - it will depend on how you feel and that is the best guide.

    The normal regime for loading doses is every other day until symptoms stop improving ... with periodic reviews ... and I don't think that is just in respect of hydroxo - what tends to change is the frequency of maintenance shots.

  • HI I'm interested to know if you are uk based and how you came to know about your gene mutation and what the implications are. TIA

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