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Neuropathy. symptoms

Hello, I have posted previously but wanted a little help regarding neuro symptoms.

Firstly I have been getting stabbing sensations intermittently in toes, legs,thigh, also had it it thumb It comes and then goes, the frequency of this feeling is happening more often than before.

I also have been getting cold/wet sensation again it comes and goes just as quick but frequency is increasing, thought I had step in water on my rug I was bare footed, there was nothing there no wet. Usually the wet/cold sensation is more like someone flicked water on my skin legs arms,hand and face.

My b12 was 221 in UK my Dr said because my red blood cells are not enlarged it is not b12, also my memory is not great, I forget what I have watched on TV the night before need prompting, shopping can be hard I forget what I went for. Sorry for the long post ...oh one more thing I have difficulty describing this my feet ...can you imagine being in a club ect with loud music and you feel the vibration/humming sensation of music in your feet I have that nearly constant in left foot,I don't think I described that properly lol, any help welcome xx

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Please draw your GPs attention to the BCSH guidelines on diagnosis and treatment of cobalamin and folate deficiencies which they can access through the BNF but you can access here

key point is that 25% of people who are B12 deficient do not have macrocytosis when they first present - so the absence of macrocytosis cannot be used to rule out B12 deficiency.

as you have neurological symptoms prompt treatment is recommended to avoid permanent damage.

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Thank you gambit62, do you think my symptoms are neurological, I get confused as they are not constant but the frequency is increasing. X


what you describe does sound as if it is neurological but it is possible that there may be something that isn't B!2 going on - neurological symptoms are rather tricky.

take a lookat this checklist



I am so interested in your post - I have that sensation of cold water being flicked on my legs at times - and I have never dared tell a soul.... it sounds so weird = so glad to hear from you Ldhall

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Hello Jill nice to hear from you too, I get the flicked water sensation on arm and hand too, now all my symptoms come and go but the frequency is becoming more. Also I get heat patches feels warming not burning as yet but not warm to touch the skin. What symptoms do you get?


oh my yes, Ldhall - burning burning foot and legs, but cold to the touch. nerves playing up from neuropathy?

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