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Another useless gp appointment:(

Went to my gp surgery today to talk to the nurse who gave me my loading doses 3 months ago & sent me for th blood test this month as the gp was useless last week and she was just the same, I mentioned I haven't felt any different since before the loading doses and I mentioned the MCV & MCH in the high end etc and she told me none of the other results matter only the ferritin result and told me to keep taking the iron the doctor gave me as 5 days isnt enough for it to work & she booked me to see another doctor next week & said that doctor will explain it more if I'm not feeling any better by then :( , been feeling more tired recently tried to watch the hockey this morning normally stay awake to watch it all but 5 mins into the show before puck drop I fell asleep & woke up 1min before the end of period 3 when the game was finishing that's over 2 hours :( never done that before & I've been so tired all day nearly fell asleep at the job centre eek, still feel like it now can close my eyes & drop off :(

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