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Ask To Show You These Results By Thyroid Site

I have been asked to post some blood results to you from my Dr, from Thyroid site.....

Serum Vitamin 12 Level ( XE2pf )...Results:...636 ng/L [ 190.0 - 660.0 ]....Normal Serum B12....( False normal B12 results can occur rarely )....Contact Haematologist if clinical suspicion of B12 defiency: New B12 assay in use from 10/11/15

Serum Folate Level ( 42u5 )....Results....12.4 ug/L [ 3.9 - 26.8 ]....Restandardised Folate assay. Please note new reference range

Mean Cell Volume ( MCV ) ( 42A )....Normality:...Above Range....Results: 99.4 fl .. [ 78.0 - 99.0 ] Above High Reference Limit

Mean Cell Haemoglobin Concentration ( MCHC ) Levels ( 429 )...Results:..323 g/L [ 310.0 - 260.0 ]

Iwas told by Dr these were fine...I had numerous other blood tests done, Thyroid etc...Been back to Surgery yesterday, saw another Dr who has arranged more Blood Tests for Pernicious Anaemia Intrinsic Factor Antibodys....I am so tired and frustrated with all of this. I have even shown him the outcome from Thyroid Site, clearly stating there is a B12 defiency....Thyroid Site has all my Blood Results...Thankyou in advance

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this appears to be a repost

responses will be same as on earlier post

understand from post on TUK that you have referral to rheumatologist- whilst the specialism is associated with arthritis etc it also includes immune system.



ises about this, i thought i had, ( hence forgetfulness )...but could not find it


wondered if that was the case - forgetfulness is a symptom of B12 deficiency.


Have you had the MMA and Homocysteine tests as suggested by Gambit62 in a previous thread - which may help in establishing the B12 deficiency ?

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