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Thyroid UK Referred you To Me

Hi i was advised to post you the following results of a few of my bllod tests...

Vitamin B12 Level ( XE2pf )....Results:..636 ng/L [ 190.0 - 660.0 ]....Normal Serum B12...( False normal B12 result can occur rarely )...Contact Haematologist if clinical suspicion of B12 Deficiency...New B12 assay in use from 10/11/15...

Serum Folate Level ( 42U5 )....Results:...12.4 ug/L [ 3.9 - 26.8 ]....Restandardised Folate assay, please note new reference range....

Mean Cell Volume ( 42A )...Normality:..Above Range....Results:...99.4fL [ 78.0 - 99.0 ]..Above High Reference Limit.....

Mean Cell Haemoglobin Concentration ( 429 )....Results:...323 g/L [ 310.0 - 260.0 ]

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Mean Cell Volume is slightly high. B12 and folate are high, have you been taking supplements?

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Hi...No i have not taken anything because even though i knew in my heart that i was suffering all symptoms of B12 or Thyroid, over many many years of " so called " blood tests from GP, they have said i am fine!!...I take Evening Primrose Oil & Cod Liver Oil...I am on no other medication...I take paracetamol for headaches


looking at above and results in your post on TUK - high MCV and MCH are indicative of macrocytosis which is a classic symptom of B12 and folate deficiencies - however you B12 and folate levels are both high - hence the query about whether you you are supplementing.

Some people respond to high levels of B12 in their blood by trying to shut down the mechanism that transports B12 from Blood to the cells that use it which can result in a functional B12 deficiency - lots in your blood but not enough where it is actually needed and used. If this is going on then the question really is what is causing the levels to e high.

Notice from your post on TUK that you seem to e highly symptomatic of 12 deficiency.

Tests to clarify on a functional B12 deficiency are looking for raised MMA and homocystiene levels - both will be raised if your cells don't have enough B12 to recycle them into useful building blocks.


After seeing GP yesterday for blood results. She said all was fine, other than low Glucose!!...She said she was doing a referral to Rheumatology or Haematology...Sorry i cannot be more precise on which one referral is for...I was just so close to crying when i left the surgery through sheer frustration once again of feeling i am all alone with this illness....Also i suffer memory problems etc with this problem.....Do you recommend i wait for the appointment at the Hospital, and speak to them about your response....Thankyou


Unfortunately many specialists are as weak on B12 deficiency as GPs but there is always a chance that you see one that has an interest.


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