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B12 folate levels

Hi I am hypothyroid with hashis & just had bloods done. My B12 was 343 pro/l & serum folate 3.2 ug/l I believe the B12 level is low ish & the folate slightly below range my vitamin D levels were low to thyroid antibodies high. I have to go back next week & have bloods done again should I supplement B12/folate or wait for next bloods any advice would be greatly appreciated :))

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Hi alysonkerry-

I'm not a medic but if you are having further blood tests for B12 and folate levels it is best not to supplement these until you have had these tests done.

I don't know the ranges for your area but your folate levels does indeed seem low. Again not knowing what the ranges are for your area - your B12 is not likely to be bottom of the range but at is level you may or may not have symptoms at. Given you have thyroid issues it maybe hard to differentiate between the symptoms of your hashi's and folate deficiency and a possible B12 deficiency - it may be hard to convince a GP you need B12 at that level. :-(

Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of cobalamin and folate disorders: pernicious-anaemia-society....

Are they testing you for pernicious anaemia? As you have one autoimmune disorder you may be at slightly higher risk of pernicious anaemia which is another autoimmune disease. The best test for PA is anti-intrinsic factor antibodies though the test is far from perfect. It is a good idea to be tested prior to supplementation if pernicious anaemia is suspected though can be done after if necessary - just a week or 2 after last injection.

Links to the pinned posts which have many links on B12 deficiency and pernicious anaemia:

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Thanku will take onboard all you have said & discuss with Gp :

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as taka says avoid supplementation with B12 and folate until investigations are complete.

evaluation of B12 deficiency needs to include an evaluation of symptoms - though this is going to be difficult because of the overlap with other conditions such as thyroid ... and the low vit D. At 343 your B12 level may or may not be a problem - but it is getting to wards the less likely range of the results. It is more likely that VitD and folate are the culprits.

symptoms can be found here


Do you know what your iron levels are like? Deficiencies in several minerals/vitamins could point to a general absorption problem? PA is one possibility - but there are a whole raft of others.

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Thanku appreciate both replies & will talk toGp :))


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