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Blood test results please advise

ferritin 320 (12-300) !

folate 5.8 ug/l no range given

vitimin B12 299 (200-900)


total white cell count 9.05 (4.00-11.00)

haemoglobin estimate 142 (115-165)

platelet count 345 (140-440)

thanks in advance x

RBC 4.41 (3.80-5.80)

haematocrit 0.0402 (0.37-0.47)

MCV 91.2 (82.00-98.00)

! MCH 32.2 (27.00-32.00)

! RBC distribution width 11.1 (11.80-14.00)

neutrophil count 3.81 (1.60-7.50)

! Eosinophil count 0.52 (0.04-0.44)

! Basophil count 0.11 (0.00-0.10)

Nucleated RBC count 0 (0.00-0.0110)

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please can some one advise on my above test x


Folate and B12 are in range. Do you have symptoms that lead you to suspect otherwise?

Mean cell haemaglobin is slightly high which can be a sign of macrocytic anaemia (the type caused by low B12 or folate). But your mean cell volume (MCV) is within range which would argue against that. Have you been supplementing with B12 or folate recently?

Your RDW is only just lower than normal. That could be due to recovering macrocytic anaemia.

Your slightly high eosinophil and basophil count could be normal for you, or caused by one of many possibilities - infection, inflammation, autoimmune disease.

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thanks for your Advice. Definitely get b12 symptoms it was 221 a fees ago. Not supplementing yet as vitD is bad at 26 so just started loading dose of D&K2 as that was priority. Will start supplement b12 nxt wk. My liver results cum back 4x higher range so hoping ferritin is down to inflammation caused by gallbladder liver issue. So long as nothing pointing towards anaemia?? I Av all typical symptoms but I no these mirror B12/VitD/thyroid so hard to no which symptoms belong to which issue. Nightmare!

thanks again for your help hope you have a fab Xmas n New year x


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