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Steroid treatment update

Just thought I'd let You all know what happened when I saw my gastro doctor. If You remember I was finally getting some relief from gastric symptoms after taking my inhaler. My specialist said that's interesting, and told me I probably have eosiniphilic esophagitis and / or an inflammatory bowel condition (as well as m'y PA!) I'm really turning into the girl who's got everything 😆 Anyway she's happy for me to continue with inhaled syeroids as the dose is low, and she's also hopeful That I might see some improvement in my B12 and iron absorption. Looks like Foggy me isn't the only one with good news This week!

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Hi Expatkerry. Wow, that's excellent news (though I wish you weren't a girl who had everything) 😀.

And it's very very interesting given your recent post and the ensuing thred about the potential role of steroids in treating PA (and the potential effects of steroids on IF test etc.)'s the link in case anybody wants to take a peek...

Maybe I'll tuck a question or two up my sleeve for the PAS conference (know you can't go so if there's anything in particular you want me to try and find out...).

Really hope that the gastric improvement, aren't we a pair of good news girls 😀😀.

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