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Spare B12 ampoules

I have 12 (1x8 + 1x4) ampoules of hydroxocobalamin (1mg in 2ml - Depot Hevert, bought from amazon.de) and 9 ampoules of methylcobalamin (1mg in 1ml from B12d.org) that I don't want.

I found the 2ml injections were slightly uncomfortable and I had some mild side-effect from the methylcobalamin. So I'm going to stick with my 1ml hydroxocobalamin injections.

Rather than throw them away I though I'd offer them to anybody that might want them. Just send me a PM, saying which of the three you'd like and I'll send them off.

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Lovely offer!

If you don't get takers for them from people here there is a charity run by one of the Facebook support group girls for people who find themselves in need of supplies and unable to source them (mostly due to hardship because of their deficiency) and I'm sure they would be very grateful for them. If you'd like me to help let me know! D

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All three batches taken. I hope they're useful.


What was the B12d.org stuff like? I was looking to find a methyl source.


I really didn't like them. I felt fuzzy and unpleasant quite soon after the jab. It may have been coincidence, but it definitely wasn't as good as hydroxocobalamin.

I understand that B12d can no longer source the individual ampoules.

Why do you want to use methylcobalamin?


Bioavailability, since methylcobalamin requires no additional processes within the body.

Hydroxocobalamin is converted into methylcobalamin in any case but only if there are enough catalysts to allow the conversion.

Apparently it's best to use a combination of both to ensure enough is available.


I've not found any proper scientific evidence that suggests that methylcobalamin is any better that hydroxocobalamin in the vast majority of people.

Even people with methylation problems due to mutations on the MTHFR gene (like me) can still produce enough methylcobalamin, especially if we supplement with mrthyl folate.

The other catalysts like FADH2 are always in good supply in the body. They are used in so many processes that you'd die without them.


There is a distinct lack of scientific evidence as you say. No harm in experimenting though.


Yup. That is very true. Many people do say that methylcobalamin is better for them.


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