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Hi - It`s the first time I have used the new forum - I have been self injecting with B12 hydroxo 1ml ampoules - splitting them in half doses and injecting sub cut. I got my last lot from Goldpharma - but they don`t seem to have them in 1ml ampoules anymore - they have hydroxo in 2ml and only cyano in 1ml. - Can anyone recommend a site where I can get the hydroxo in 1ml doses? Many thanks.

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  • Goldpharma supply the Rotexmedica brand of hydroxocobalamin which is a 1ml solution. All the other brands they supply are a 2ml solution (which I prefer for intramuscular injection). They all contain the same 1mg of hydroxocobalamin.

  • I bought some from a german company My Care


    They seem very efficient and it all arrived promptly. Only problem is that you have to do the first order by bank transfer which means high charges because it is an international transaction - but after that you can use a card to pay so should get cheaper.

  • Hi Iverson. I use mycare. I recently purchased rotexmedica 10x 1ml. My bank wanted £45 to do bank transfer.I emailed mycare and was told to pay by paypal.Their website says paypal for Germany only but I changed payment method on payment page and all went through no problem at all.Two boxes delivered in less than a week to Scottish Highlands.There is a limit on purchase ie: normal quantities.Ordering 100 may not be accepted. Hope this helps.

  • I am really interested in self injecting being based in the UK so this is good news to me, the only concern I have is the *rotexmedica* brand, I'm wondering what kind of B12 this is whether cyanocobalamin, methylcobalamin, hydroxocobalamin or some other kind, I heard hydroxocobalamin is the best, also what is the full price of purchasing through Mycare ... this post has made me super excited .. even though I must admit a bit nervous self injecting.

  • Rotexmedica supply both hydroxocobalamin and cyanocobalamin. As far as I am aware they do not supply methylcobalamin.

  • How do I know if this is Hydroxocobalamin or Cyanocobalamin? mycare.de/online-kaufen/b12...

  • Hi, I know from other forum users it is hydroxocobalamin, I see on the link you supplied that they are in the process of rewriting the information leaflet say re:"Die Gebrauchsinformationen zu diesem Artikel werden im Moment überarbeitet."

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