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Which form of B12 is best to SI?


Hi.just looking at options for my daughter if we don’t get anywhere with her GP re more frequent B12 injections.

If we do go down the SI route which form of B12 is best?

I have found a supplier in the UK that supplies these(for cosmetic purposes but I assume it’s just the same?)

10 ampules £40 - 5mg/1ml B12 Methylcobalamin

10 ampules £33 - 1mg/1ml B12 Adenosylcobalamin

10;ampules £59 - 10mg/1ml B12 Adenosylcobalamin

5 ampules £15 - 1000ug/2ml B12 Hydroxocobalamin

I know she had hydroxocobalamin at the GP’s but that was 1ml I think and I’m not sure what 1000ug means so unsure if this is the same or too much?

Also from what I have read it seems that the methylcobalamin is the best absorbed B12 and this is the only form they use in Japan to treat B12 deficiency. I know it doesn’t last as long in the body but is this an issue if you SI?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Vicky,

I do much, much better with the Methyl form than the Hydroxo' - that's because it's more active. I have no personal experience with the Adenosyl' form.

Good that your GP is at least providing some injections for your daughter. Out of interest: What form is your GP using?

I haven't been able to get any Methylcobalamin (on Private Prescription) for a while, as none of the pharmacies had it (so I've been making do with the Hydroxo', which is better than nothing!) - I would be ever so grateful if you would PM me with your supplier's details - Thank you.

Hope that helps.

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GO used Hydro. I think they all use that in the Uk. Can I ask if this was the strength you injected ofvthe methyl 5mg/1ml?

Hydroxocobalamin is cheaper, more stable than and as, if not more, effective that methylcobalamin. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl...


Vicky - what counts is the amount of B12 in the dose- not the volume of fluid.

Different people respond to different forms of B12 in different ways, so sometimes it is worth trying different forms.

1000ug is the same as 1mg.

The usual concentration in the UK is 1mg/ml, meaning that one ml gives you 1mg of hydroxocobalamin.

Hydroxo is the most stable form and is generally the best tolerated.

Adenosyl is the least stable form.

Both methyl and adenosyl are quite sensitive to heat so would suggest asking about delivery before ordering either.

There doesn't seem to be any real evidence that methyl is any better 'absorbed' than hydroxocobalamin - as with most things people selling stuff can be quite selective in which studies they decide to quote.

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Hi Gambit62

How do these "for cosmetic purposes" suppliers get round what Martyn Hooper wrote to me this morning about it not being allowed for B12 to be purchased over the counter without prescription in the U.K. - this in view of the difficulties some on here are experiencing sourcing from Germany.

"The British Medicines Act of 1968 states that any medical product that is injected has to be on prescription only. We did meet with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulations Agency many years back and they said ‘absolutely no chance’. We had the same response from the British National Formulary. Parliament would have to completely repeal the act which they won’t do".

Perhaps we all need to join a Gymn.

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The rules that make all injectable medications prescription only apply to products supplied for medical purposes. They don't cover supplies for beauty purposes - injectable B12 gets round this by being used for 'improving hair', 'helping weightloss' etc, ie beauty purposes rather than treatment of a medical disorder.

Really does make the legislation a bit of a nonsense.

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Arguable that you should be able to buy it if your doctor doesn't believe you need it - hence it is not "medical". :-)

Maybe they use the same trick people selling alkyl nitrites# use to get around the Medicines Act.

Maybe we missing a trick and someone should sell high purity b12 ampules as [face] cleaner.

# talktofrank.com/drug/poppers

It would probably be best to use the same as she has been having from her GP as you know she does well on that (as most people do, hence why they use it in the UK).

It is 1mg in 1ml hydroxocobalamin, sold as individual ampoules from online pharmacies in Germany.

The majority of people in the UK buying their own do this.

You can download and use the Google Translate App to automatically translate the websites and use PayPal to make the payments as it deals with the exchange rate and taxes. It usually takes a couple of days to get to the UK and is generally considered safer than buying from the UK.

Please look up replies from Wedgewood (by going to her profile and double clicking on her name and looking under the heading "replies"). You will find lots of useful information from others either side of her replies too.

Please ask if you have any further questions.

Thanks for letting us on this forum know you can get Adenosylcobalamin in the UK - is it possible to find out who the supplier is as that sounds cheaper than the sublingual Adenosylcobalamin I buy?

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I’ve messaged you.

Hi, thanks for the helpful info on this thread. Please may i have the suppliers info the Methylcobalamin ampules from UK? Would appreciate the details so much as the German website is good but I desperately need Methyl rather than Hydroxocobalamin. Many thanks.

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suggest you start a new thread - people don't often come back to old threads ...

Thanks for the tip gambit62

I’ve messaged you details

Fab! Thanks so much!

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