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Recurrent mouth ulcers

Hi I keep getting mouth ulcers most weeks since i started my b12 spatone iron and b complex vitamins before taking these I rarely got mouth ulcers now its pretty much every week I get a new one. Ive tried too see gp but no appointments available so I'm asking here does anyone have any idea why id get mouth ulcers from taking b12 iron and b vits

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I don't know why I get the ones I get, but I've found that I get them less often if I take a folic acid supplement.


Hi thanks for reply ì take a b complex with folic acid in its so confusing i thought low b12 caused them but im taking 5000mcg jarrows maybe its too much so annoying and painful


Hi. I get these regularly too. I've just put it down to the body healing. I use honey mixed with turmeric regularly applied which helps kick start the healing. I had a huge one two weeks ago which was really stubborn and took 5 days of treatment but id rather use the honey than something like igloo.


Are you getting enough, or too much Vitamin A or Vitamin C? Are you on any other meds, like an asthma inhaler? Have you had your thyroid tested?


I dont know why you are getting mouth ulcers whilst supplementing but I find that putting a spoon full of coconut oil in your mouth last thing at night, letting in melt and then swishing it around for a couple of minutes before spitting it out does wonders. Coconut oil has fantastic healing properties and will reduce any inflammation and it has the benefits of being a totally natural product - try using a good organic brand if you can.

Hope this helps.

Moggie x


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