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Betaine hcl

Hi, I don't seem to be absorbing B12 and I get very bloated and I seemed to have become lactose intolerant. So I did the sodium bicarbonate test to check for low stomach acid and I didn't burp at all.

I tried taking Betaine hcl with Pepsin. I started with a small dose and gradually increased it. I haven't had any burning sensations as if I have too much acid, but it hasn't helped either, in fact it has made me more bloated and nauseous.

Anyone else had this problem?

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When are you taking the capsules? I take anything from 1 to 3 depending on the size of the meal (morning toast - 1; evening curry - 3). I take them about 1/4 of the way into the meal, not on an empty stomach.


I do the same, different amounts according to the size of the meal. I was taking them after a few mouthfuls, maybe I should take them a little later.


I started using betaine with pepsin a couple of weeks ago after reading one of fbirders posts. I have been milk and soy intolerant for over 3 years and had to do an exclusion diet (on my own) to find out what the problem was. Upon eating any dairy or soy, I blew up as though I was 8 months pregnant in a matter of minutes and the bloating didn't subside for 2-3 weeks. I came to the conclusion it was a protein issue rather than a sugar problem (lactose is milk sugar) when I found out I couldn't eat soy either. I haven't tried eating any milk products since taking the betaine, I've been fine. I do plan to attempt something milky in the next couple of weeks to see if the bloating occurs but at that point, I will take more than one capsule.

Good luck, it seems its all about trial and error until you find whats right for you.

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I didn't have any success with doc said no pill is ever going to work for me, injectible, topical, liquid only.

By any chance, has anyone heard of a link between thyroid med's and PA?

I developed a heart condition Svt as well.



I hope you've found this out by now but there is a strong link between PA and thyroid problems. If you have Hashimotos (autoimmune ) thyroiditis your immune system will keep attacking your thyroid but also turn to other parts of the body such as the stomach cells. The immune system can be calmed down by careful work with your food and supplement intake. Go to Hypothyroid mama or stop the thyroid madness to find out more.


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