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HCl Pills Helping Me


I started taking HCl pills yesterday and they are helping. Still have some pain on right side below rib cage all the way down to pelvis (sometimes sharper pain higher right under bottom of right rib cage - today duller and lower but always on right side).

Added chicken breast, cooked carrots and celery to broth. Ate it with two HCl pills. Doing OK about an hour after.

I find walking, standing up, singing, doing anything to loosen up the core helps. Sitting causes stomach to ball up and increases pain.

Possibly a combination of the HCl pill and my brain getting used to the higher volume radio (per Clive's analogy).

I have also added a glass of celery juice first thing in the morning. Don't know if that had anything to do with it.

I am far from out of the woods on my ability to eat but at least the pain is duller and I am less afraid to eat.

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Very good news ! With experimentation you will improve your health . Our gut health is of paramount importance . You just need to find the right frequency of B12 injections , encourage beneficial gut flora with probiotic preparations or probiotic food , and help digestion of protein with the HCL.

I have to say that I have now lowered my intake of meat protein considerably , and find that is helpful . Fish seems to be easier to digest . I also avoid wheat , but do not follow a gluten free diet . I only eat rye bread , but do eat wheat bread when I’m out , without any trouble . You will evolve your own way to health . But it’s quite useful I feel to hear how others deal with their PA. You can glean useful tips on this forum . Very best wishes .

I haven't ever had gut problems but your pain in the upper right side under the ribs sounds like gallbladder stones. Does it play up after a fatty meal? Anyway

good luck with what you are doing.

I hope it works well for you but I believe it's contraindicated for those with gastritis or on blood thinners - there was a more detailed post on this while ago from Foggyme

Good to hear things are improving. Just to add that like wedgewood I’m far better if I keep my meat intake low. As I don’t like fish I eat plenty of eggs instead and find lots of combinations that help keep my folate and prebiotic food intake up.

For example, poached eggs on smashed avocado on sourdough, sprinkled with sunflower and pumpkin seeds, with asparagus and wilted spinach on the side. Take less than 10 minuted to prepare and cook too.


Topher2018...as per Polaris's comment, here's some information about HCL...

HCI (Betaine Hydrochloride)...this should not be taken if you have active gastritis or any sort of gastric/duodenal ulcers. It would be like pouring acid on an open wound...and it may prevent ulcers from healing.

Also- those taking prednisilone (or any form of steroids) or long-term NSAID's (like ibuprofen) should not take HCI and it should be avoided if diagnosed with any form of kidney disease.

It may also increase cholesterol and shouldn't be taken if using cholesterol lowering medications (one will cancel out the other).

Also - may cause nausea, diarrhoea, or gastric problems...though this may ease once the body adjusts to it.

Think I'd be tempted to try the lemon or lime juice first to see if that makes a difference (it did for me 😉).

Good luck.

P.s. sorry for the slow reply...been bit under the weather...

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