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I'm B12 Deficient.. PA


I'm B12, Deficient; and have had my third loading injection, 3, more to follow this coming week. My blood test was B12 - 136 - (180 - 900) Folate and ferritin low.

The worrying result was my Plasma Viscosity - 2.22 - (150 - 172) High, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have always suffered with Raynaud's Syndrome.

Was considering some Folate Supplement? and possible Magnesium Supplement?

I'm in the UK, would appreciate your thoughts and guidance.


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You need good folate levels to be able to use B12 so if your levels are low then supplementation may be a good idea.

Believe recommendations are that B12D treatment should not be delayed because B12 is low until folate levels are raised because of the risk that any neuro damage may become irreversible if left, but that doesn't mean that both B12 and B9 (folate) can't be addressed at the same time.

RA and Raynauds may have been earlier indicators of B12 deficiency developing - as it can take decades for an absorption problem to manifest as a full blown deficiency - I had depression and anxiety for decades along with carpel tunnel and tarsal tunnel - depression has gone once I managed to treat myself at the levels I needed (rather than those proscribed by the text books), tarsal and carpels are significantly better though I still suffer occasionally due to water retention related to my menstral cycle.

Magnesium supplementation is a bit of a difficult one as it does cause stomach problems for a lot of people.

As you do have low ferritin your GP should be keeping an eye on your potassium levels as these can drop during the early stages of treatment of B12D


Thanks for the reply Gambit62,

I believe your analysis to be correct, I'm to blame for the slow onset of B12 D. As in the past, I've been reluctant to visit my GP. I've always maintained a high level of fitness; Running, Cycling, Swimming etc...

At present I'm having difficulty walking any distance, Ankle swollen; and nerve endings in soles of feet buzzing, sore and extremely painful.

I'm. Having the fourth of my 6, B12 injections tomorrow.

I've considered getting a folate supplement? Or a B, vitamin complex? Also a magnesium supplement.

Any further advise, help and guidance would be appreciated, it's all new and somewhat bewildering! I need to formulate a better understanding of the illness; and all the possible remedies.


A good vitamin B complex - ideally with methylated forms of B9 and B6 is probably the way to go but suggest you try to discuss with your doctor.

Magnesium is a bit more difficult as it can cause diarrheoa in a lot fo people.

I don't think you can really blame yourself - presumably the Raynauds and RA have been diagnosed by medics who could have picked up a connection to B12 ... though medics often aren't as aware as they could be of B12 ... and generally they can be so focused on symptoms they forget to look at the bigger picture and join the dots.

Hope you can work with your GP to beat this - though it can be really difficult to get GPs to listen when it comes to B12 ... and a lot of other conditions.


Hi, Gambit has given you some good advice. Has your vitamin D been tested too? I bet that's low too. There are different forms of magnesium, some are better tolerated than others. Why not just start with bathing in Epsom salts, your body will absorb the mg - and you'll sleep well! If I find the details of other mg I'll post later.


Thank Bluedragon,

Appreciate your reply..

I'v started using Epsom salts to bathe. I maybe need a small magnesium tablet form supplement to top up? But what or which brand to use? heard of magnesium citrate. That was recommended on one of the PAS forums. I've heard that some compounds can effect you bowel movements ; hoping to find one that doesn't have you running to the loo too often.

Is there anyone you'd recommend? Someone suggested CALM; but not sure if it is available in tablet form?


Hi Nytsom

This film on treating B12 deficiency does not recommend treating with folic acid until B12 status is normal, as it can precipitate or worsen neurological/cognitive symptoms:



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