Help: PA test, hyperosmia & B12

Hi all, I recently had blood tests done for possible Hashimoto's & one thing that popped up was a serum B12 level of 248 (180-2000 range). My GP said this was fine! My serum folate was also low, TSH high but still in range (2.7)...

So I started researching B12 & was directed here and to look at PA as a possible cause. It makes a lot of sense. However, I'm not sure what to say to my GP or if there is a test that can give me an answer if I have PA or if it's been caused by being vegetarian/vegan for 25 years.

I'm thinking I should just try methylcobalamin as a sublingual supplement - but I've been reading a low B12 can cause less sense of smell & since we moved house 3 years ago, I've become almost impossible to tolerate any artificial scents, woodsmoke, exhausts, petrol motors... You name it, I can smell it and it makes me very sick. The neurology dept said it is "migraine syndrome"... Anyway, if I take B12, I'm terrified of it getting worse. This has caused me so much difficulty in my family life, my social life (Ha! What's ghat?!), my work (as in, I can't work because I just can't be near most people without becoming ill).

Has anyone else ever had hyperosmia or olfactory problems which B12 has helped?

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  • I have an absurd sense of smell (particularly for a smoker) and its the opposite for me, as in B12 def makes it worse I think and the same counts for taste, so I think B12 actually helps.

  • I couldn't stand chemical smells either. I used to make up my own soap and washing powder with borax, soda crystals and soap flakes.

    If I got near anyone with perfume on it would make my eyes water and bleach nearly drove me mad.

    And I certainly couldn't understand why anyone would put fabric softner on clothes. It stunk!

    I have seen many people mention they have olfactory issues. Some become attracted to certain smells, others avoid them.

    So yes, I do think it is an indicator.

  • Thanks Poppet! Just finished school run & the bus is worse than a supermarket softener aisle, bleuch

  • Thank you! I will order some today I think.

  • If you supplement with b12 it causes falsely high b12 blood test results. Not sure where you live but there are bcsh guidelines in the uk that doctors should follow. Ask for injections and ensure your folate levels are good. B12 needs folate to convert to active to enter the body's cells. Ask for an active b12 test along with mma and homocysteine tests xx

  • I absolutely agree with all of you. Hez22's advice is good. If you supplement before more blood tests, you'll skew your blood work. Active b12 is a better indicator of your true readings, and if the MMA and Homosystine levels are high you'll have a much better idea. You might want to also ask for your intrinsic factor to be checked. If you have PA, you will definitely need b12 injections.

    And, to answer your first question, for several months before I was diagnosed, smells made me more nauseous than I was when I was pregnant with my twins!

  • Oh goodness, that's exactly what it's like but it's been three years now! Wow. Thank you, I will arrange the tests tomorrow. I wonder if my local Spire private hospital would do them? I checked with my insurance today & they cover up to £1000 for bloods but only w Dr referral and of course £200 excess. I'm desperate though.

  • Actually that happened to me when the neurological issues started, I could smell a diaper from a room and half away when two people where there who couldnt

  • Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped: no PA or Hashi antibodies, so back to square one.

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