Methylcobalamin - intramuscular or subcutaneous?

I have recently obtained a supply of methylcobalamin . I plan to use this as a "top up" to keep me going between my hydroxocobalamin injections from the GP.

A member of my family is medical and is able to give me the methyl injection as and when required. I was planning on having it intramuscular the same as the hydroxo injection, but have heard others say they use it subcutaneously.

Just wondering what way is the correct/best way to do it when using methylcobalamin?


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  • I can only tell you that I also inject mythylcobalamin and the istructions that came with it indicate sub-cutaneous use.(they indicate the use of thin,short insulin-type needle.) I inject into my thigh(you can find instructions online) I have read somewhere that sub-cutaneous is fine for cobalamin, just takes a little longer to absorb. I have no medical knowledge, and of course can't ask my GP for instructions, but I find this method very satisfactory. You might get better information from others. All the very best to you.

  • I gave myself hydroxocobalamin in the thigh today. Over thought it and almost passed out. I'm a nurse I give thousands of IM injections. Whole different ball game giving them to yourself :/

  • Hi Stephie, I'm a nurse too and couldn't believe how difficult it was to give myself that first injection! No problem now, I was just a softy that first time, ha ha!

  • Subcut is safer for regular frequent injections as you should rotate the site. Less chance of hitting a nerve.

  • Thanks for the replies.

    Other than it being safer (as theres less chance of hitting a nerve), is there any other reasons why methyl is better subcutaneoususly?

  • The comment on hitting a nerve is nonsense. The recommended locations for intramuscular injections deliberately avoid areas where the needle might hit a nerve or a major blood vessel.

  • Oh I have hit a nerve, but it is not a big problem, just weird sensation travelling down to my toes. Must have been to far down. The benefit for me of IM injections is I do not have to inject that often, once every 2 weeks, I'd hate to have to inject more often as one does with sub cut, but each is different, to me the needle going in is the only thing I feel on the whole, how deep makes no difference to me, like going trough butter, perhaps a bit thicker when going into the muscle, but no pain at all in that respect. Hitting a major blood vessel is possibly a problem if you stab, but I have been near one and the needle gets pushed back, it defenitly tells you you are near a big vein, the needle will pulsate, again obviously not in the right place. But I know now where not to go, think different people also have different locations of blood vessels etc..But those are the only mishaps I've had (plus the needle dislocating from the seringe) since self injecting , from 2006 onwards.

    I believe methylcobalamin can also be injected IM , but as I've never used it I can not comment on frequency of either IM or sub cut methylcobalamin.

  • Oh Marre be careful! If that needle was pulsating then you were near an artery!

  • I am careful, and have thin legs, I do it all very slowly, that way I feel if its in the wrong place and will start again. You really do feel the needle pulsating, when near an artery, it fights you then, and you just do not then push trough. I've been self injecting since 2006, I had more bruises from the surgery injecting me IM in arm than I have ever had bruises on my leg. The surgery injecting B12 always hurts, I do not hurt myself, as I warm the ampoule up to body temp and inject slowly.

  • There is divided opinion in medical field on this. Some think subcutaneous better, others swear by imi. Doubt it really matters much - as long as you get it and whatever works for you?

  • So did you get it figured out? If subcutaneous has a smaller needle and is absorbed slower I wonder if that is what we should do for my husband. Perhaps intermuscular isn't staying long enough in his system??

    He feels better after a shot but it doesn't last a month. 😔

  • So did you get it figured out? If subcutaneous has a smaller needle and is absorbed slower I wonder if that is what we should do for my husband. Perhaps intermuscular isn't staying long enough in his system??

    Nobody knows (as far as I can tell) whether B12 is absorbed faster from SC or IM jabs. However, everything I've read about other drugs suggests that any difference, one way or t'other, will be a matter of hours. So not enough to make a difference in required frequency of jabs.

  • Thanks!

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