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Is Anyone Self Injecting Methylcobalamin?


Thank you all so much for replying with really helpful stuff.

It stung a bit today too so I will try my stomach next I think and then move on to thigh. For some reason I always think it will be more painful in my thigh but may be not from what quite a few of you say. Will watch a few more videos too.

I've found it's better not to massage area after injection as that hurts momentarily and bruises.

The Methylcobalamin is not very thick so the insulin needle works quite well. I did wonder though if half inch length was long enough?

Is anyone else injecting Methylcobalamin? It's better for me only because it contains no preservatives. Although you try anything when desperation hits.

cheers SallyB

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Hi Sallybones,

I inject MCobalamin into my thigh and it never stings. The HCobalamin that the nurse gave me into my arm was painful every time she did it.

I take it slowly, slowly and it works grand. She used the HCobalamin and when I use it sometimes it also stings a little.

Divide the area from knee to the top of leg by 3 width ways, then split the area from knee to top of leg x2 length ways. Draw it out on a piece of paper. You should have 6 areas.

I inject into the top outer 6th. That is the outer Thigh. NOT inner. I followed fbirders advice on needles and they are perfect. Tried and tested.

Hope this helps,

J 💉💉

I use methylcobalamin too, 5000mg with a fixed micro fine insulin needles. I use the z track method to inject into my thigh muscle. The outer middle area. Works well for me. The z track method also says not to massage after injecting as it can cause irritation and leakage out of the muscle into the tissues.

where do u get ur insulin needles?

I get mine from the link is cost £22 for 200.

Hi, my husband injects me with methyl 2x week in arms or hips. I use a 25g one inch insulin needle for arms and a 25g 1.5 needle in the hips. He goes in all the way with the one inch in arms but maybe one and a quarter inch in the hips. I'm not a thin person, maybe 30 pounds overweight. I tried a half inch needle in my arms at first and that was too short and went into subcutaneous tissue-not good! Burning and itching and I did not get benefit from the B12. Now that we've got the needle size figured out, it never hurts, stings or burns. In fact, I hardly feel it and it never hurts afterward. I do not massage the area afterward. Also after he has injected the liquid, he leaves the needle in for 10 seconds as I read on the internet that this helps the b12 to stay in the injection site and not leak out. This also cuts down on bleeding (just a drop or two) which was rare but now I never bleed.

I'm lucky to have someone who can inject me and I think everyone who injects themselves are super brave! Lots of brave folk on this forum. :-)

pugdogs10 in reply to ndodge

I think its great that your husband injects for you. Tell him from me he s a hero!

ndodge in reply to pugdogs10

Oh wow, what a great reply! I'll tell him, that will make him feel so good!


Hi Sallybones. I inject IM Methylcobalamin into my thighs with a 23g 1 1/4 needle. I insert the needle slowly, with gentle pressure and then slowly inject the Methylcobalamin. It never hurts or stings - not even the needle going in.

If you intend to inject IM and use a needle that is too short, the drug won't reach the muscle.

I prefer the IM method: it seems to hurt less.

Good luck

I inject 1x/week in the stomach (insulin needle). Some days I can't even feel it. Other days both needle penetration and injection sting. If I feel it sting when I start the needle, sometimes I'll move it an inch and then no pain. No idea why.

Thanks everybody again for lots of helpful information. I'm a bit late responding as had 2 old teeth out on Wednesday and am still recovering. Really knocked me for six and I have 2 more to come out next Wednesday!! Then several weeks of treatment.

My body has really ended up in a mess over the last 12 or so years. My left side is the worst and after a eye test and scan last week, my optician is concerned I have a 'problem' with it. Have gone to a independent optician as the chain ones only wanted to sell me specs which would cure everything!!! I think I will get referred on to consultant from her first thoughts. Have to wait till she rings me next week.

This is just another symptom I first mentioned to GP and first neurologist in 2008.

I'm hoping it's all related to B12 deficiency and will maybe come good but am a little bit negative on this symptom.

So I do know I have felt a bit impoved in other ways with the 6 injections I have managed myself. However I caffled after dentist and need to feel strong to do the next injections. I have to be patient with myself.

I shall copy and keep your replies to keep referring to.

Endocrinologist on 22nd so I'm hoping I strike as lucky with that as I have with the lovely dentist.

cheers Sallyb

Is anyone else injecting Methylcobalamin? It's better for me only because it contains no preservatives.

All of the hydroxocobalamin I've bought has had just four ingredients - B12, water, salt and vinegar (acetic acid). The salt is there to make it isotonic, the vinegar to keep it at a slightly acidic pH.

I'll bet that methylcobalamin contains the same, possibly more.

Sallybones in reply to fbirder

Hi, thanks fbirder. You may be right. There must be water in it as it is in liquid form. As long as no nasty preservatives are in it then I should be ok. Salt and vinegar would be fine for me. Otherwise on my bottle it states 'no preservatives' so I have to trust it.

A great resource:

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