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B12 Methylcobalamin injections


At my wits end trying to buy Methyl injections on line. My memory is awful can't do my job properly depressed with it. I'm getting injection every six weeks but my symptoms are coming back after 2 weeks!!! My doctor won't give me any more injections.  I have to take it in my own hands and buy the Methylcobalamin, can anyone help please !

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Hi hun i had 6 nurse said i needed a top up every few weeks the got phone call  off gp receiptionist to say gp said i dont need them any more my mouth is full of ulcers again im so tied .in  agany with pain haveing very bad palertations and breathlessness but every time i ring its a phone constatation excuse the spelling lol 

Why do you think you need methylcobalamin? The vast majority of the population can easily convert hydroxocobalamin into all the active forms, including methylcobalamin. And it's a lot easier to get hydroxocobalamin. I get mine from Germany - versandapo.de/article/searc...

Gb57 in reply to fbirder

Thank you so much I will try the hydroxocobalamin 

If you feel you really need Methylcobalamin you can e-mail-----------

manufaktur@arnika-apo.de        Or you can phone them on 0049 89-452 468 468

They are in Munich Germany. They all speak good English They are manufacturing chemists. 10 ampoules of 1mg/ ml cost 29.90 Euros . 10 Ampoules of 5 mg/ ml cost 39.90 Euros. The courier costs 15 Euros They will send you a bill for what you order and you can pay by card or Paypal

If you are the UK ,you will have been getting Hydroxocobalamin from your G.P. 

Do I need a doctor's prescription to order from Arnika or will they send it without one?

fbirder in reply to Marthathecat

You don't need a prescription for any type of injectable B12 from Germany.

You can purchase methylcobalamin in the UK from Oxford Biosciences but its in dry form so you have to also buy the saline solution to convert it to liquid injectable solution.  You might also like to contact the charity b12.org wh can supply methyl free ,  they suggest a donation but its not compulsory however they do such great work its nice if you can give something ? I have used both forms and find methyl great for repairing nerve damage , but hydroxocobalamin is a good all rounder . You might find you need more methylcobalamin though as it does not remain in use in the body as long as methyl.  Why not use hydro and then if you want to you can also supplement with a sublingual b12 in methylcobalamin form , search amazon for Jarrows b12 , you can take up to 5000 mcg every day - disolve it under your tongue or between gum and teeth for best uptake .

As I dont know your personal situation this information is just general advice  . Hope this helps , here's the link for UK methyl supplier .



Gb57 in reply to Jezzy49

Hi thank you for your reply, I will contact B12.org and hopefully get somewhere

toph in reply to Jezzy49

I inject hydroxocobalamin everyday (inexpensive about 80p a shot from mycare.de) don't even try to get enough from the NHS you will be wasting your time and precious energy. I HAVE BEEN TRYING FOR OVER A YEAR IT'S LIKE BANGING YOUR HEAD REPEATEDLY ON CONCRETE. and I take capsules made by NuU I've tried Jarrows... Not as good in my experience and a lot more pricey. Buy them off amazon or direct.

Methylcobalamin capsules 1000ug that is

I was diagnosed with PA in the early 90's and not given much information on it at the time by the Doctor other than to have an injection once a month. By the third week I started feeling foggy headed and tiredness. Attended a Naturopath and he said that it was safe to give the more regularly without problems so give myself an injection every two weeks and it keeps my levels way more steady. I have been having trouble finding injectable Methylcobalamin in Canada so will follow up with tip below for a German source.

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